2018 Mar 5

Open Time:

8 am – 6 pm


31/B, Dakshinarama Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka


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A fun and healthy alternative to a Lankan meal!

Saladgram is a little home start-up that’s been around for a while, serving delicious and health-conscious meals to Colombo and its suburbs. They deliver right to your home or office for pretty reasonable prices, the only catch being that you have to place any lunch orders before 9am and any dinner orders before 4pm.

The Salads

The salads come in 3-step buildable varieties where you can choose from a carb base of rice, pasta or chick peas, a protein of chicken, tuna or egg and a large variety of dressings from a classic vinaigrette to a hot and spicy dressing to a yoghurt and honey dressing. They have weekly specials that feature interesting combinations such as pineapple and coconut and even have a vege option that comes with cheese or a completely vegan option as well.

Finding Nemo Salad Regular (LKR 400)

We decided to begin with a few of their regular options. Their tuna variation plays a little on the popular Disney movie and we decided to opt for a pasta base with a classic vinaigrette dressing. The tuna was flaky and delicious and the dressing brought all of the elements together quite well. The salad itself consisted of salad leaves, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and very welcome slices of green olives, topped with processed cheese and croutons. We got a Regular so the portion was quite large and pretty filling for one person with a large appetite.

Humpty Dumpty on a Salad Small (LKR 180)

The Humpty Dumpty is their Egg variation and a Small portion costs the same as an oilier, unhealthier packet of rice you would eat on any regular day. We opted to have this one with rice, making it more similar to a normal Sri Lankan lunch – just tons healthier. The salad was again a mix of the same cucumber, tomato, salad leaf, olives combination but mixing in the dressing really packed a punch and the boiled egg was seasoned and worked pretty well for a non-meat option.

Vege Buster Salad Small (LKR 165)

One of the cheaper options on their menu, their Vege Buster salad consists of the same Humpty Dumpty base ingredients, minus any of the protein. This combination was the least exciting of the lot but can definitely be amped up with the help of one of their incredible dressings, so choose wisely.

Tropical Pineapple Salad – Weekly Special (LKR 375)

This week’s special was the Tropical Pineapple salad and for good reason too. It consisted of some ingredients which are totally normal and mainstream like bell peppers, carrots and herbs and a few interesting ingredients like oranges, pineapple and coconut! The textures and flavors worked incredibly well together – definitely screaming Hawaii right there in our office – but what really brought the tropics out of the combination was the dressing which was tangy, fruity and quite exotic. We chose to have the salad with chicken and pasta and boy, it worked well together!

Overall, the service at Saladgram is great. The staff is accommodating and delivery is fast. They say they have plans on opening up a physical outlet sometime soon and we honestly can’t wait for it ‘cause their salads were a refreshing, exciting and different alternative to boring work lunches. These guys are doing great things and we look forward to more of it in the near future.

Tip: their weekly specials change every week (obviously) but are usually the best option on their menu, so go for those!