Salad Maps

2019 Sep 3

A flavourful salad fix!


Salad Maps is a new Instagram handle bringing to life a novel culinary concept – salads of the world in large jars! The quirky page caught our attention right from its inception with its cool art work and intriguing idea of food so we just had to get our hands on a jar as soon as they launched. To elaborate on “salads of the world”, Salad Maps basically compresses the flavours and textures of entire countries into layers of gorgeous meats, veggies and dressings, to bring to us a jar full of yummy healthy goodness. Be warned though, if you don’t have extra containers to topple your salad in to, you need to perfect the art of shaking these salads up in the jar itself and that will give you quite the workout in itself.



Salad Maps currently offers 6 different salad options with beef, chicken and sashimi meat options to choose from as well. Here’s what we thought of them!


Japanese Sushi Salad – LKR 750



The Japanese Sushi Salad was the most expensive of them all but with the quality of the ingredients used, we could see why. This jar consisted of ample layers of seaweed strips, edamame beans, sushi rice, avocado, sashimi, cucumber and carrot doused in a soy sauce dressing. Honestly, we’ve never eaten a Japanese meal quite like this but are we mad? Hell no. This was a delicious, filling jar of salad with perfectly balanced textures and flavours, we’re happy!


Indian Quinoa Biryani Salad – LKR 690


This jar consisted of layers of spinach, boiled egg, quinoa biryani, spicy chicken, chickpeas, cucumber and raita. What was most intriguing to us was the quinoa biryani which we, frankly, had no faith in. But surprisingly, this worked really well with the salad! The authentic biryani taste really pulled through with the spices being absorbed by the quinoa well. The raita and chickpeas were generous in quantity and we quite liked this overall. Admittedly, the chicken in this was a little dry and a little sparse. Though the Indian salad wasn’t our favourite pick from the lot, we still found it tasty and filling.


Greek Salad – LKR 690


Now here’s a real winner. Generous layers of feta cheese, lettuce, olives, chicken, cucumber and cherry tomatoes; this was one of the most delicious jars we had from the lot, mostly because of the generous amounts of feta and olive we found. I’m generally not a fan or Greek salads simply because they aren’t exciting enough for me but here, it was a completely different case. The fact that they used cherry tomatoes just elevated the flavour even more and I’m definitely a fan.


Mexican Taco Salad – LKR 690


Can we have 5 favourites from a 6-dish menu? Because honestly, this jar was another that we can speak about for days. Layers of cheese, chips, and lettuce, chicken, sweet corn, kidney beans, bell peppers and cherry tomato with a delicious dressing served in a massive jar is all our dreams are made of. The great part was that there was an ample serving of cheese as well making the jar highly satisfying.


Thai Salad – LKR 690


Not many places do a good Thai salad let alone in a big jar like this one. This was a jar layered in leeks, cilantro, spinach, beef, vermicelli noodles, broccoli, bell peppers, cherry tomato and Thai sauce. The beef, though a little tough, was flavoured well and made for a nice change from the other dishes. The broccoli was also surprisingly good and work well alongside the rest of the ingredients. We wouldn’t have minded if the spinach was sautéed before it was layered just to add that nice kick but this jar was pretty good too.


Caesar Salad – LKR 690


Here we had layers of croutons, Parmesan, lettuce, olives, chicken, cucumber, cherry tomato and Caesar dressing. In a regular Caesar Salad, you’d expect there to be a lot of lettuce but the ratio in this jar was pretty equal which was a win for us. With the Caesar dressing beautifully lacing through the salad and the olives and Parmesan coming in large servings, this was another crowd pleaser – we loved it!


The deliveries take up to 55 minutes on Uber Eats even though we were in central Colombo so if you tend to get hangry, order well in advance. The portion sizes are pretty good with one jar being enough to serve as a main course and though the prices are steeper than most salad places, the quantity and quality of the ingredients get our stamp of approval. Their Instagram also has a few more interesting pictures on the line-up such as a Salad Map of Korea so stay tuned for those. All in all, Salad Maps was a win for us!


Tip – Try one of everything!