Restaurant Reviews Robata Grill and Lounge at Mövenpick Hotel

Robata Grill and Lounge at Mövenpick Hotel

2018 Dec 10

Open Time:

12 pm – 3 pm | 7 pm – 10:30 pm (last order)


2nd Floor, 24, Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03.


Opposite Liberty/Scope Cinema

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Seven types of Asian cuisine at one restaurant!

It’s been only two months since Robata Grill and Lounge switched from being an exclusive Japanese restaurant to a gastronomically diverse eatery and we were beyond delighted with our experience! They have now incorporated seven Asian specialties into their menu, inclusive of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Singaporean, Indonesian, and Thai cuisines.

Robata makes your ordering process super easy with their personalised menus where you only have to tick what you want to order and it must be noted that they brought everything to our table in less than 15 minutes which was a great response time considering the bulk we ordered.
10 points to Robata for their unbelievable prices! For a 5-star hotel, it was too good to be true. With most dishes and all side orders costing below 500 LKR, Robata is easy on the pocket!


Berry Breezer – LKR 990

Taking a sip of this beautiful drink, I was in absolute awe at how delicious it was! This cocktail consisted of vodka, frozen lime, fresh berries and mint. The amalgamation of all these components was on point, and I would recommend this drink any day. Easily my favourite of all the cocktails we tried and I CANNOT wait to go back for more.

The Achcharu – LKR 990

Robata has fulfilled any Lankan’s desire by mixing this fruitful concoction. It stays true to its name, because it tastes exactly like what an achcharu would taste like if some tequila was added into it. Containing salt infused mango, ambarella, pineapple, pepper, chilli flakes, and of course tequila, this cocktail covers all its essential bases and is truly Sri Lankan.

Ebony – LKR 1190

Alcohol meets Oreo milkshake to produce this cocktail which consisted of cognac, Nutella, Oreo, and butterscotch ice cream. While it’s the norm to add Baileys to a drink like this, we were curious as to how it would taste with cognac in the mix. It was quite strong and definitely unique, but did not match up to the other drinks we tasted.

Kiwi Granate (Virgintail) – LKR 690

As its name suggests, concocted with the tropical flavours of kiwi and pomegranate, the Kiwi Granate is the perfect go-to beverage on a hot day. It was super refreshing and really proved that Robata not only gets their cocktails right, but their mocktails too!

Orange Juice – LKR 660

Pleased by their cocktails and virgintails, we decided we’ll also try something quite basic and opted for their Orange Juice off their fresh juice choices. It was tangy, super fresh and revitalizing. Pair it with Robata’s Bulgogi or Balinese Pork Ribs, and you’ll be good to go.


Miso Soup – LKR 450

The Miso Soup arrived at our table steaming and aromatic. It tasted great and was very soothing. If you’re having a bad day, one of these bowls of seaweed and tofu goodness will definitely get you in a good mood! This was also the only veg dish we tried out of the many vegetarian options they offer and were very pleased.

Yakitori – LKR 790

These skewers of prawn, squid, and sea bass were delicious! Bathed with a flavoursome teriyaki glaze, albeit hard to gnaw off, the yakitori was a good pick off their Japanese specialties.

Tuna Nigiri – LKR 510

Robata offers salmon, squid, shrimp, and tuna nigiri, out of which we chose the latter. You can opt for either a 3 piece portion, which is what we ordered or a 6 piece portion costing LKR 1000. The tuna was fresh and the rice had just the right amount of vinegar in it.

California Sushi Rolls – LKR 650

This Japanese delicacy came with the option of either crab and avocado or cucumber and avocado, so we opted for crab and avocado costing us LKR 650 for 3 pieces! 6 pieces will cost you LKR 1100 which is still a pretty sweet deal. The rolls were a mouthful and just SO good! We highly recommend it, because affordable Japanese is hard to find!

Bulgogi – LKR 750

From their Korean delicacies, we opted for the Bulgogi which is basically grilled and marinated beef. What was surprising here was the various elements. Accompanying the beef were shredded seaweed, strands of carrot and radish, a perfect sunny side up, and a heavenly dollop of gochojang, which is a thick savoury, sweet and spicy red chilli paste. The beef was juicy and thoroughly marinated and I could not get enough of it!

Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 690

The Lankan in me could not help but order this national favourite. The dish arrived looking super colourful! The cuttlefish was deep fried to perfection and the bell peppers added a twist to the usual concept we see elsewhere.

Thai Fish Cakes – LKR 350

Yet again, baffled by their prices, we opted for the Thai Fish Cakes from their Thai varieties. This dish consisted of 3 grilled mixed seafood patties (the 6 piece dish was priced at LKR 500) and was accompanied by a hot Thai dipping sauce and salad. The patties gave off a tangy and sour taste which my palate did not accustom too, but that being said the dipping sauce and crunchy salad really saved the dish.


Balinese Pork Ribs (Half) – LKR 445

Yes, you read that right. It was priced at only LKR 445, with the full portion costing LKR 690! (Cue double take.) This dish is a must try for any pork lover! Inclusive of the most tender barbecued ribs brushed with a flavoursome marinade, a chopped bean salad and a spicy dip, this dish pulled out all the stops and succeeded!

Nasi Goreng – LKR 785

Another Indonesian delicacy, the Nasi consisted of your usual Indonesian mixed fried rice, a mix of cubed chicken, prawn and squid, pickled vegetables, a fried egg and krupuk. The rice was warm and seasoned very well. They were generous with the meat which was complemented by the flavourful veggies and the crunch of the crackers. The perfect runny yolk was a bonus!

Pad Thai – LKR 750

Robata is super generous with their portions and considering the prices, the dishes are really worth the money! The sweet and sour fried noodles embedded in a hefty serving of cubed chicken, colourful veggies and prawns did not disappoint! The dish represented a beautiful mess and we loved every bite of it!


Crispy Sweet Wontons – LKR 525

Definitely unusual and unique, this dish came with fried wontons jam-packed with a date and nut filling, and an exquisite pineapple and coconut compote. Albeit not for everyone, it is a dessert which is out of the ordinary and is a must try for those willing to experiment.

Coconut Crème Brulee – LKR 525

YUM. The hardened caramelized sugar crust added a crunchy lining to unveil a creamy and rich custard base. It was super soft and not as sweet as you would expect it to be. The coconut overtone did wonders to this perfectly executed dessert.

Mövenpick Ice Cream by Scoop – LKR 410

What’s a meal at Mövenpick without their signature ice cream? We opted for flavours loved by all: strawberry and chocolate, each costing LKR 410. With the former, they were not stingy with the strawberries. The ice cream was creamy and was rich in strawberry flavour. The latter portrayed every chocoholic’s desire. Decadent and yummy, the chocolate ice cream did not disappoint either.

Although, we couldn’t try their Chinese, Malay and Singaporean dishes (we were too full to!), we will definitely be going back to get a taste of what we missed out on. All in all, we had a wholesome experience at Robata Grill and Lounge with a meal which was totally worth our buck.

We absolutely love their idea of culminating most Asian cuisines and offering a vast variety in one restaurant! There are many vegetarian options too, especially of the Japanese assortment. They have takeaway as well so grab some takeout, go home and enjoy!

Have you been to Robata Grill and Lounge yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – They have private dining areas and ample seating so gather the troops and indulge in great Asian cuisine!