Ramen Misoya

2017 Nov 30

Open Time:

Monday, Tuesday: Closed | Wednesday – Sunday: 6.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m


Racecourse, Colombo 07


Walk up the second staircase in the first building at Racecourse that houses McDonald's. Ramen Misoya shares the same floor with Kathyusha

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Are you ready to Ramen?

Sri Lanka, we finally have good Ramen in Colombo! Ramen Misoya is the first Miso based Ramen restaurant in Colombo. They are a part of a global chain of Ramen restaurants that started off in Wakaba, Japan in 2003. They now house over 100 restaurants in Japan and 14 other restaurants around the world, in 8 other countries.

We were told that traditionally, the Misoya restaurant chain only served pork based Ramen. But since they needed to adapt to the Sri Lankan market as well, in their newly opened Colombo venture, they also serve chicken and vegetable options of their Ramen (hats off, Misoya!).

We popped by for a quick look and here’s what we thought…


Miso Chicken Karaage – LKR 650

I don’t like to pick favourites, but if I had to, the Miso Chicken Karaage was my favourite appetizer. It was incredibly tender morsels of miso marinated fried chicken served with served with a crunchy salad and a creamy sauce. The pairing was incredible once combined.

Gyoza – LKR 750

Gyoza was a dish of steaming pork dumplings served with a tangy sesame soy sauce. And man, the dumplings were steaming, and they were good! The filling inside would break beautifully with every bite and the sesame soy sauce was the ideal pungent sauce to accompany the dumplings.


Ramen Misoya serves three varieties of Ramen; Hokkaido Ramen, Ise Ramen and Kara Ramen. The Hokkaido Ramen is made with white soy beans. The miso is made with a lesser malt content that makes it naturally salty. It apparently hails from the northern most island from Japan. Ise Ramen is a red soy bean based miso with a higher malt content that probes it to be less saltier. Ise Ramen hails from Central Japan that is famous for its seafood industry. On the other hand, the Kara Ramen consists of a red broth that is created using the same base as the Hokkaido Miso. Ramen Misoya claims that this variety is the most famous Miso among their local tasters as it as an extra punch of chili.

Under each variety, you can either opt for Pork or Chicken, and their two variations or go for the vegetarian option. You can also add in extra toppings like a Miso Egg, Fried pank prawn extra for a range between LKR 100 – LKR 290.

Disclaimer: These portions are enough for two, even when you’re super hungry!

Hokkaido Ramen: Pork Cha Shu – LKR 1750

The Hokkaido Pork Cha Shu was easily our favourite. This was a hearty pork based Miso broth with minced pork, fried onions, fried potato wedges, sautéed vegetables and topped off with three slices of succulent, grilled pork cha shu. What I loved about this ramen was the tanginess of the broth and the tender grilled pork.

Kara Ramen: Chicken Basic – LKR 1200

Next we tried the Chicken Basic variety of the Kara Ramen. My mom was particularly eager to try this one out because we were told this was the spicier of the three (Sri Lankans, I tell you). This dish is a spicy seaweed and miso based broth with minced chicken, fried onions topped off with sautéed vegetables and chili flakes. The chicken on this was astonishingly tender (we weren’t surprised, cause so far they seem to have such a great track record on the meat).


Homemade Ice Cream Sampler – LKR 500

The Desserts available at Ramen Misoya are limited in type but wide in variety. We were staring at the menu wondering what we wanted to have. There’s two options, Homemade Ice Cream or Snow Ice (this one got us excited!). Sadly, they were still experimenting with the Snow Ice machine so we had to settle for the Homemade Ice Cream. And we decided to try all three flavours with their sampler option.

All three ice creams were incredibly milky, and that was a fresh of breath air compared to most ice creams available here. I loved the sesame because of the nutty like texture and taste it had. The matcha was pretty good. The Miso was incredibly milky and was the perfect show stopper!

Have you been to Ramen Misoya yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: The Ramen portions are huge! – each portion is more than enough for 2!


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