Restaurant Reviews Praneetha Foods – Meat Dishes

Praneetha Foods – Meat Dishes

2019 Jun 13

Open Time:

7am to 10pm


201, Muhandiram's Road, Colombo 03


Off Perahara Mawatha

Contact No

0112 333 388

Food which is as Sri Lankan as it gets!

Over the past few years, Praneetha Foods has been gaining a reputation for serving up good food in the heart of Colombo. Although the location itself is quite small we can rejoice because they now deliver within Colombo! If you’re ever in the mood for some very Sri Lankan curries to accompany a small family party or you’re just feeling plain lazy to cook, Praneetha offers a wide range of curries and even though there are some minor issues they know how to do meat well.



For this review, we ended up ordering their entire range of meat-based sides and these were divided mainly into curries, stews and devils.



We can’t talk Sri Lankan food without talking about curries and for an establishment that is known for its local game food we were not disappointed. The curries were bursting with flavour and the added touch of cilantro brought everything to a whole new level. It’s also worth mentioning that the curries come with a major kick of spice.


Chicken Curry – LKR 450

With the first bite of this curry, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia as this was able to hit all those notes of home and the chicken curries we all grew up loving. The meat was so tender that is was a pleasure to bite into.


Pork Curry – LKR 480

This was not as spicy as the rest but equally flavourful and the juicy, tender meat only made things better. This was more of a dry curry and would pair wonderfully with some paratha. The portion size was quite huge and it’s well worth your money.


Beef Curry – LKR 450

Most beef curries tend to be on the tough side but this was so tender that the meat almost melts in your mouth. With the first bite I was hit with a nice smoky taste which worked well with the rest of the bold flavours.


Village Chicken Curry – LKR 800

This is not something we come across that often and this dish was a treat! The flavours were new and bold and the texture was quite interesting. This dish comes with a high price tag but if you’re in for something new give it a try.


Turkey Curry – LKR 900

This was my first time eating turkey as a curry and for a bird that is known to be quite rubbery if not cooked well this dish was quite flavourful and the meat was tender. As awesome as this dish was a slightly bigger portion for this price would have been better.


Duck Curry – LKR 1000

Duck is not the easiest thing to come by here in Sri Lanka and the folks at Praneetha know how to cook a duck well. Although the curry itself was very Sri Lankan the flavour of the duck went quite well with it.



Now, we need to remember that these are Sri Lankan stews so that’s what you need to expect. The stews would have been perfect if not for the heavy hand someone had with the salt. That being said, the dishes were quite satisfying. They have an intense pepper flavour and for some reason, this works like a charm.


Chicken Stew – LKR 550

Being greeted to a few big pieces of tender and juicy chicken is not something to complain about and while eating it I was not complaining much either. However, the fact that the pieces were big means that the dish is not meant for sharing with a crowd.


Pork Stew – LKR 550

This is one flavourful dish with a nice spicy kick but it’s a bit disappointing because the portion size was quite small. That being said, this dish was as satisfying as the rest.


Beef Stew – LKR 550

Probably the best stew they have. The tender meat which is accompanied by the flavour of cilantro and a kick of spice really hits you in all the right ways.



The deviled dishes were my personal favourite out of all of these because who doesn’t love a good devil. The portions were huge and like everything else, there was a lot of flavour. However, they tended to be a little too much on the sweeter side and this did a bad number on the flavour complexity.


Devilled Chicken  – LKR 600

This was a pretty standard chicken devil as even though it’s quite simple it won’t leave you disappointed. It looks amazing and the vibrant colours will make your mouth water.


Devilled Pork – LKR 600

Just like its chicken counterpart, this was a standard pork devil and even though the meat was a bit on the tough side it was still quite enjoyable on the palette.


Devilled Beef – LKR 600

Even though the devil itself was mostly sweet and spicy the flavour of the beef came through quite prominently. The beef looks dry and tough but it’s a perfect balance of a crispy exterior with a soft interior.


If you are in the lookout for some meaty sides for your next party or meal Praneetha will most certainly pull through and you will be satisfied.


Have you ordered in from Praneetha yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – The dishes tend to be a bit spicy so be prepared. Their devilled beef is the best!


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