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Peppermint Café

2018 Nov 7

Open Time:

24 Hours Open


No 76 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00700


right on the junction of Wijerama Mawatha and Horton Place, on top of The Boutique on Horton Place.

Contact No

075 632 0420



Peppermint Café is Colombo’s latest little eatery based right on top of the newly opened Boutique on Horton Place, which also holds the title of being Colombo’s first pet-friendly restaurant. They’re open 24 hours, which is great for us Colombars who would prefer something more upscale than a 2.00am cheese kotthu when we’re craving for comfort food.

Peppermint’s menu is extensive, offering All Day Breakfast items as well as pastas, salads and burgers. Their menu also boasts of quite a few Keto Diet dishes and specifies if the item has gluten, diary, nuts, etc. You also have the option to remove carbs from your order.



Milo Dino – LKR 690

The Milo Dino is a tall glass of Milo shake topped off with choco-balls as garnish. Though it looked appetizing, the Milo flavour of the drink didn’t actually deliver at all. It was quite watery but would probably work if you were swinging by for breakfast and wanted your cereal in a glass instead.


Strawberry Monster Bomb – LKR 1,250

The Monster Bomb is Peppermint’s signature drink and comes in Strawberry and Chocolate options. We opted for the strawberry which is a massive glass of strawberry milkshake decorated with whipped cream, strawberries, corn flakes, marshmallow, wafers, jam and even a couple mini doughnuts! Whilst it looked delectable from the outside, it was sad to see that the milkshake itself was basically just milk and no strawberry. If there was more flavour, this drink would have been thoroughly enjoyable and fun to eat.



Hot Chilli Cheese Fries – LKR 520

Unlike the drinks, the food was actually quite good at Peppermint and their fries are delicious! You can’t really go wrong with chunky, thick-cut fries doused in seasoning and once that’s topped off with chilli and cheese, you simply can’t ask for more! They could have had a few more variations in terms of texture with this dish but the Chilli Cheese Fries is a wholesome comfort food.



Waffles Toast – LKR 1,150

A sandwich made of waffles; this dish was layered with a fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, chicken ham and topped off with a mayo-based spicy sauce. We expected the dish to be served warm but (intentionally or not) we received a more cold-cut type meal. It wasn’t too bad as a breakfast option, finding a balance between healthy and flavourful, but it wasn’t hearty like we imagined it to be.


Like Butter Chicken with Parata – LKR 780

Just to test how well their varied cuisine is executed, we opted for the butter chicken and boy we’re glad we did! Bursting with flavour and character, this dish was comfort food at its best. It was served with two packeted paratas, which was unfortunate because we expected hand-made paratas. However, the chicken was well cooked and the gravy was buttery, making the dish quite lip-smacking!


Spicy Prawn with Cheesy Pasta – LKR 1,200 

Now this dish was a real showstopper. It was presented quite well, with the perfectly grilled prawns lined up along the dish and the flavours were absolutely brilliant. The prawns were well-marinated and deliciously seasoned, the fettuccine pasta was incredibly cheesy, and the portion was quite large. Yum!



Choco Fries – LKR 720

On recommendation of the staff at Peppermint, we got a portion of Choco Fries for dessert and though fries and ice cream were one of my most favourite “weird food combinations” growing up, this one just didn’t click with me. The thick-cut fries were a little salty, the chocolate sauce wasn’t enough and the strawberry ice cream was a bit of a whack combination. It would be alright in small amounts or if you’re sharing it amongst a lot of people but I wouldn’t really recommend ordering this for yourself.


Peppermint is still pretty new and getting their bearings so they might slip up sometimes but their ambience is top-notch, their service is uber-friendly, and if selected right, their comfort food can heal any broken heart. Here’s hoping their menu would improve over the next few weeks for us to be back for more!

Have you been to Peppermint Cafe yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – If you’re stuck with making a choice at Peppermint, opt for the prawn pasta!


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