Patio 25

2019 Jan 7

Open Time:

11am to 11pm


25 Milagiriya Ave, Colombo 04


Located along Marine Drive in the same lane as Chinese Dragon Cafe

Contact No

011 2 504 540


Combining experiences in one unique location.

Walking into Patio 25 is a surprise of its own! The restaurant and lounge covers over 10 different dining experiences ranging from the Pizza Corner, Dessert Hub, Pub, Gaming Station, Family room, Shisha Lounge and its very own Karaoke Singing Bar (yass). It even has a spacious lounge/club of sorts with killer music! All of these facilities are private sections across the restaurant and are fully sound proof. Although it’s rather spacious, the ambience is not overwhelming and could be better.

Patio 25 caters to a wide range of customers that are looking for a bit of variety paired with a good dining experience. 



Margarita Fish Bowl – LKR 2250 

Note: picture shown consists of one glassful and not the entire bowl.

This massive cocktail is big enough to share between 5 people and really does get the crowd going! It was just what we needed – not overly strong and not too light either!


B-52 – LKR 550

Who doesn’t love a good old B-52? The sharp sense of Kahlua together with Wild Cream and Triple Sec is honestly super delightful!


18 Till you Die – LKR 450

Patio 25 has some interesting names for their shooters and this drink sounded super interesting to me! This quirky drink consisted of vodka, tequila, passion fruit, orange and lime. Tasting as strong as its elements, I simply loved the overpowering taste of orange as an aftermath. Do give it a shot (no pun intended) if you’re in the mood to experiment! 



Dragon Chicken with Hot Chilli – LKR 550

As soon as this dish hit the table, it disappeared. It was that GOOD! Perfect for us locals, the dish was top notch and consisted of a generous share of chicken mixed with a variety of spices such as bell peppers, onions, chili sauce, green chilies and more! While it was not accompanied with any dips, I feel like this dish would pair perfectly with a cold dip of mayo or curd to even out the spice. 


Kung Pao Kai – LKR 650

Yet another spicy chicken dish that was paired with cashew nuts. While this dish had its own twist to it, the previous dish was much more flavorsome.


Breaded Calamari with Rémoulade Sauce – LKR 600

If you’re a calamari lover like I am, this dish is definitely worth trying out. The crispiness of the calamari was served with roughly 10 rings of cuttlefish, contrasting well with the lightly spiced mayonnaise-based dip. The calamari could use a tad bit more seasoning since most of the flavor derives from the dip rather than the rings.


Paneer Tikka Adraki – LKR 550

Another personal favorite, this dish consisted of Indian spiced and grilled cottage cheese served alongside lime. It’s a far cry away from the common paneer based curry, which is probably why I enjoyed it as much. There were no side dips for this starter so I paired it with some hummus from another dish and it tasted even better! 



Seafood Mixed Grilled Platter – LKR 1450

This fish based platter was supposedly constructed of modha fish (barramundi), seer fish, jumbo prawns and calamari together with chunky fries and a homemade BBQ sauce; although, we did not receive the side of fries. However, the rest of the dish was quite satisfactory.The hot grilled jumbo prawns were seasoned to perfection, the seer fish was crispy and the calamari was surprisingly really good with the BBQ sauce!

Tip: Squeeze some lime over the whole dish for some extra boost in flavor!


Sizzling Mixed grill platter – LKR 1,100

Offering variety, this platter had minced lamb patty, chicken and pot roast beef. Once again, we were robbed of the sausages in our dish even though it was mentioned in the menu.

Something interesting about this platter was that we could decide the choice of marination we want. The menu consisted of options from Middle Eastern, Indian, Mexican or even Far Eastern. We went with Middle Eastern which was served with hummus, Arabic salad and Pita bread. The dish in general was excellent, the meats were seasoned quite well and combined pleasantly with the hummus.


Patio 25 is not just another restaurant. It’s got good food and an awesome line up of experiences to suit any of your requirements!

Pro tip : Try the Dragon Chicken with Hot Chilli!