Restaurant Reviews PappaRich Sri Lanka

PappaRich Sri Lanka

2019 Mar 27

Open Time:

Monday to Saturday: 11 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm. Closed on Sundays


Ground Floor, Parkland, 1, 33D, Park Street, Colombo 2


Pass Empire Towers and it's the first building on your right

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PappaRich opens up in Colombo!

It’s been a few day since PappaRich, the Malaysian franchise opened up in Colombo, but what most do not know is that the renowned restaurant also incorporates Chinese and Indian cuisine into their menu, although Malaysian culinary art is the highlight. Sri Lanka is the 14th nation to be home to a PappaRich outlet and here’s what we tried.


Orange Lychee – LKR 550

This ice blended and refreshing beverage was the perfect contrast to the unbearable heat we’ve been enduring these days. The flavour of fresh orange was very prominent and the lychee syrup did wonders to this yummy concoction. It might taste watered down towards the end so stir and drink! The lychees absorbed the essence of orange and one bite into them will leave you wanting more.

3 Layer Tea – LKR 450

The 3 layers mentioned here are essentially melted palm sugar, evaporated milk, and black tea. The syrupy palm sugar gave this tea the sweetness it craved while balancing the flavours. The tea tasted as good as it looks and once stirred, all the elements combine to create this Malaysian favourite, which I’m sure our Lankans have the palate for as well.


Chicken Satay – LKR 750

The chicken satay was made so well! The dish consisted of 6 skewers of chicken satay and cubed onion, cucumber and pineapple. The winning element of this dish however was the peanut sauce! The chicken skewers as well as the cubes were truly complemented by this crunchy yet smooth sauce. Highly recommend this!


Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns – LKR 1300

A must try at any PappaRich outlet, the Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns was the best dish we tried, although the Curry Laksa gave it a good fight. This dish was so filling and included various components: chicken curry, flavoursome prawns, anchovies, sambal, peanuts, cucumber, and a boiled egg. The soft texture of the curry was accompanied by the crunch of the peanuts making this dish taste absolutely authentic! A must try for Nasi Lemak lovers.

Curry Laksa – LKR 900

Another Malaysian favourite, the Curry Laksa contained a hefty portion of noodles, fish cakes, long beans, fried bean curd skin, and also bean curd puff. The main component which held it all together was the flavoursome, aromatic and mouth-watering coconut gravy which was appropriately spicy rendering it a steal for the Lankan palate.


ABC Special with Ice Cream – LKR 550

Consisting of shaved ice, gula melaka sauce, toasted peanuts, rose syrup, creamy corn, various jellies and such, red beans, and a scoop of ice cream, the ABC is a Malaysian delicacy which everyone should try in general. However, at PappaRich, this was the only disappointing dish we were served as it was mainly ice and not enough gula melaka sauce and rose syrup were added, which made this dessert taste super diluted.

Egg Pudding with Sago and Gula Melaka – LKR 500

This dessert was the clear winner! The egg pudding tasted like your basic caramel pudding, but was sturdier and made very well! We believe it was steamed and set to perfection, and it lay on a bed of sago and honey. It wasn’t too sweet and we loved that! A cooling dessert which everyone should definitely try!

PappaRich truly delivered in terms of authentic Malaysian! Their menu is vast so there’s plenty to choose from. Their staff were super friendly and accommodating, just like their space which has ample seating, so do visit Pappa Rich for a satisfying Malaysian meal! You won’t regret it; we know we didn’t.

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Tip – Try the Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns, and 3 Layer Tea!