Restaurant Reviews OZO Breakfast Buffet

OZO Breakfast Buffet

2018 Oct 25

Open Time:

6 am to 10.30 am


36-38, Clifford Place, Colombo 04


Adjoining Clifford Place

Contact No

011 2 555 570

Breakfast with a view like no other!

EAT at OZO Colombo does a really great breakfast buffet and is totally worth your buck! We were told that the buffet cuisine varies in accordance with the predominant nationalities of guests so do check what they have to offer before you head over, just in case. That being said, their wide spread offers an array of options so it’ll be difficult to find something you won’t like.



The ambience deserves a special mention because the view is just breath-taking and there’s ample seating, making it an ideal spot for meetings, gatherings and even dates!

The staff were super friendly and very prompt at clearing up dishes, unlike most places, which we were very happy to note!



There were various drinks to choose from: fresh ambarella, watermelon, and orange juice; ice coffee; avocado smoothie and even detox water! They also have their range of hot coffee and tea.


Orange Juice  

Citrusy goodness, providing the extra immunity boost you need early morning.


Ice Coffee

Perfect for those who love their coffee quite strong where the milk to coffee ratio is very well balanced!


Avocado Smoothie

It wasn’t too sweet, but the yoghurt overpowered the smoothie and we could barely taste the avocado, so this was quite disappointing.





Miso Stock

Warm, and thick in texture, EAT does a great Miso Stock.


Rice Payasam

SO GOOD! We were super delighted to see this included in their spread and loved the flavour of condiments and sago. 


Chef’s Selection of Fresh Bread Rolls

Consisting of croissants, bread rolls coated in seeds, brown bread rolls and much more, their assortment of bread comes with an array of accompaniments ranging from different jams, butter, honey, treacle, marmite, cream cheese and even stewed fruits! They also had super cute and soft muffins that came in two varieties: glazed and plain mini muffins.


Salad Veggies

They had an extensive spread of veggies and dried fruit ranging from purple cabbage to raisins and dates accompanied by various dressings!


Cheese Board, Nuts and Cold Cuts

From Gouda and Edam ball to beef salami and chicken ham, EAT does a great cheese and cold cuts station!





Cereal and Yoghurt Station

EAT offers corn flakes, coco pops and fruit muesli as cereal options and also plain and flavoured (mango, strawberry, etc) yogurt. What did catch my eye however was the Bircher Muesli which was sweet but tasted healthy at the same time, consisting of rolled oats and yogurt.


On plate:


Tofu Scrambled Egg

We wanted to try something unique here so we went with the Tofu Scrambled Egg, but unfortunately were very disappointed. The eggs were not fluffy, the tofu was off-putting so this is definitely not meant for everyone.


Chocolate Pancake

We went with the Chocolate Pancake and were so glad we did because it tasted heavenly even without any of the toppings they had to offer like maple syrup and icing sugar.


Paprika Cheese Tomatoes

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this mostly because the better part of the cheese was burnt and I didn’t really taste the paprika added.


Crispy Potatoes

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and topped off with herbs, the crispy potatoes were really good!


Baked Beans

Tasted like it was right out of a can, but did the job nonetheless.


Grilled Corn on the Cob

Lightly grilled, this was an interesting main and we were happy to see how diverse their buffet was!


Sri Lankan:


Boiled Kaupi (Black-eyed Peas)

This dish tasted exactly like Amma’s kaupi and was boiled incredibly well!


Hopper Action Station

Offering plain or egg hoppers, EAT makes super yummy, crispy hoppers with sides of pol sambola, ambulthiyal, seenisambol and kattasambol. Perfect for the Lankan within you!



Onion Rice

This was a great staple for the curries they had to offer and was very flavoursome on its own!


Wok Fried Noodles

This dish looked and tasted like stir fried Maggi and when paired with the curries, the onion rice tasted much better.


Chicken Curry

Aromatic and full of flavours, the chicken curry tasted like your typical Indian chicken curry. We have absolutely no complaints here because the chicken was cooked thoroughly.



The Uppama was warm and tasted heavenly with a great balance in terms of flavour and ingredients. The only downside to this were the lumps in the dish, hence the rating.


Tempered Potatoes

This dish could have passed as a Sri Lankan main as well! There was a generous amount of spices used and the potatoes were cooked till soft.




Fruits with Celery Mint Shooter

Among the selection of fruits were fresh slices of watermelon, papaya, and pineapple, and bananas were available too. The highlight however was the Celery and Mint Shooter, which was the perfect, healthy palate cleanser to end our filling meal.

All in all, we loved the breakfast buffet at EAT, OZO Colombo and highly recommend it for a value for money, wholesome meal!


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