Next Innings

2019 Jan 2

Open Time:

Sunday - Thursday: 12 pm to 12 am | Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 2 am


2, Old Dutch Hospital, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01.


Enter Dutch Hospital from the entrance (right opposite Bank of Ceylon) and the restaurant is on your left.

Contact No

077 562 4624


The newest sports lounge in Colombo!

Conveniently located at Dutch Hospital, Next Innings is a venture similar to Ministry of Crab as it is a Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara and Dharshan Munidasa restaurant. Needless to say, this restaurant received a lot of hype due to the combination of people that present the latest sports lounge in Colombo.

The restaurant had 14ft video walls and 6 55” screens making it the perfect spot to go to for some good food and drinks on game night. We were told that they play 8 different sporting channels at any given time.

In terms of entertainment, they have a live band playing from Monday to Saturday and a DJ on Sundays. On Wednesdays they have a super offer for Ladies Night: free flow of cocktails from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

The space is dimly lit but this works well with the numerous screens. There is ample seating so this would be the ideal place to gather up the troops to watch any game of your preference! We were so impressed with the ambience that we could not wait to try out their food and drinks!



 Cosmopolitan – LKR 1200

This cocktail came with a mix of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and sour mix. Although there was a good amount of vodka, the sourness overpowered the overall flavour of the drink. 


Small Island Iced Tea – LKR 500

We absolutely loved this cocktail! It was concocted with interesting elements such as arrack, peach tea concentration and soda, being such a steal at only LKR 500!


Dry Martini – LKR 800

The gin to vermouth ratio was on point in this drink and the olives hit the right spot. It was quite strong but stirred well! This would be the ideal drink to kick back at the end of a long day.


Lime Juice – LKR 400

Opting for a non-alcoholic beverage, the lime juice did not have too much sugar and tasted super refreshing. It was ice cold so pair it with the Thin Skinned Patties (more on that later!) for the ultimate treat.


Shooter Sixers

The Shooter Sixers include 6 shots of your choice that are presented on a cricket bat! The concept was amazing and we loved the play on words! You can either get 6 shots of the same drink or mix and match, in which case the price will vary. We opted for an array of shooters, so pictured are (from left to right):

Sambuca – LKR 500: consisted of Isolabella Sambuca and at 500, it was pretty worth it.

Brain Damage – LKR 1000: consisted of vodka, peach liqueur and grenadine syrup, this was super tasty!

S.O.B. – LKR 1000: included vodka, peach liqueur, triple sec and cranberry juice. Unlike the cosmopolitan, the elements in this shooter were shaken up well!

B52 – LKR 1500: concocted with Kahlua, Bailey’s and triple sec, we recommend this for a relatively milder shot.

Tequila – LKR 500: you cannot go wrong with tequila! They used Camino Real Tequila and it was quite the steal.

Blue Kamikaze – LKR 1500: mixed with vodka, blue curacao and sour mix, this shooter tasted fruity yet strong!



Kade Paan Cheese Toast – LKR 600

This dish contained two finely cut kade paan slices of toast topped off with chopped green chillies and oodles of gooey cheese. There was an even spreading of topping but we wished there was more because kade paan is thick, so ultimately we tasted more bread than cheese.   


Thin Skinned Patties – LKR 500

With a choice of either, mutton, beef, tuna or potato and leeks; we opted for the mutton. The outer pastry of these yummy treats was warm and crispy and embedded in this thin crust was the most scrumptious filling of well-seasoned cubes of mutton.


Vegetable Spring Rolls – LKR 500

Their Vegetable Spring Rolls are a must try! Super crispy with a wholesome and warm filling, these spring rolls were super flavoursome!


Bacon Spare Ribs – LKR 1500

This dish was hands down the best thing we tried from their menu! The ribs were made extremely well with the softest texture. Slathered on the ribs was a delectable glaze! Our only pointer is that presentation could have been much better, but these tasted SO GOOD that we are going to overlook that.


 Hot Wings – LKR 1200

This dish too was an absolute treat! It consisted of a generous quantity of 12 Buffalo wings and a curd dip. The curd dip hit very close to home and the flavour of hot chilli from the chicken contrasted with the cooling texture of the curd to present a well-executed dish!


Cricket Ball – LKR 600

We ordered this dish off their Bails and Balls section in their menu. It was basically a scotch egg, so in terms of texture, the cricket ball gets softer as it works itself in. and not to mention, tastier. It is essentially a huge cutlet from the outside with a soft filling of tuna revealing a runny whole yolk.



Bone Marrow Curry – LKR 1500

With this dish, you get an aromatic beef bone marrow curry filled to the brim in a carved loaf of wood fired bread. This dish was so innovative and we were very impressed with the concept behind it. The beef was soft and the dish came with a side of gravy as well. The only downside however, was the bitter aftertaste of the curry. It was very off-putting because this dish had so much potential and could otherwise have been a real treat.


The Oval Burger – LKR 1500

The Oval Burger was exactly what the name denoted, in celebration of the famous Oval Cricket Stadiums of the world. The burger consisted of a succulent beef patty with cheese and the works. The burger to patty ratio was questionable because the bun was the same size as the patty, diminishing the taste of the otherwise delicious patty. The dish came with a side of potato wedges made to perfection, and ketchup.


Foot Long Hot Dog – LKR 800

This main would be ideal to indulge in while watching the game with a beer. We were told that the jumbo sausage was especially made for them, which tasted great! The toasted bun however was quite dry and we thought that they could have done more with this dish. The hot dog was accompanied by a much needed dip made in-house with mustard, ketchup and kithul treacle.  



Kade Paan French Toast– LKR 800

The ideal soft and sweet counterpart to the Kade Paan Cheese Toast was served with diced strawberries, whipped cream and a drizzle of kithul treacle. Since the bread was kade paan, a French toast concept did wonders to this delicious dessert. It was soaked with just the right consistency and the strawberries added an acidic overtone to the dish. SO YUMMY!


Chocolate Cake – LKR 1200

This dessert was very rich and had many layers of decadent chocolate. While this tasted amazing, LKR 1200 seemed quite steep. However, this is a must try for any chocolate lover and its taste lived up to its aesthetic look. 


Their staff are super friendly and accommodating and their bartenders are very experienced! Next Innings seems to be doing a good job in terms of ambience and drinks, however most of the food we ordered, lacked presentation. It has been only 3 weeks since they opened and they do have some fine tuning to do, so we look forward to what more they have to offer in the future.


Have you been to Next Innings yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – Try the Bacon Spare Ribs!


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