Restaurant Reviews Moya at Amagi Aria, Negombo

Moya at Amagi Aria, Negombo

2018 May 24

Open Time:

7.00pm – 11.30pm (reservations can be made for lunch)


Amagi Aria – 640/82, Suhada Mw, Colombo Road, Kurana, Negombo



Walking into Moya, the one word that went through my mind was “Wow!” Moya is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have walked into, mostly because of its 360 degree view that overlooks the Negombo Lagoon. The location is spacious, with enough seating to accommodate large crowds during the evenings.

Since no one can leave the premises of Amagi Aria that easily, we decided to have two meals there instead of one! Below are the items we had for lunch and dinner.



Cosmopolitan – LKR 1300

As far as Cosmos go, Moya’s cosmopolitan was satisfactory. Arriving to the table with the classic red and orange peel, the Cosmo tasted quite tangy with an aftertaste of vodka.


Hot Butter Calamari – LKR 1200

As the first dish that was brought to our table, the Hot Butter Calamari did not only wonders to our palettes, but to our sight as well. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous and colorful! Consisting of lime garlic mayo, cucumber, calamari rings, and carrot puree; all the elements in the dish blended so well together! A great starter dish.


Crazy Crab – LKR 450 per 100g

Crazy indeed! Moya knows how to present their dishes in the most colorful and creative ways, making us impatient to dig in. The core element of this dish wouldn’t be the massive crabs I’d say, but the sauce that it is drenched in. The dish consists of a sauce that is slightly sweet, mildly spicy and thick in consistency, that makes it blend well with the crab meat (which is a battle to get to through the shell), spring onions along with lime for added flavor (like there’s already not a lot going on). This dish is quite different to the homemade crab curries we’re all used to and thus is definitely worth trying out.


Coconut Parfait Cinnamon Crumble – LKR 500

Moya is quite extra with the dishes they serve, all of which match up to top notch standards! The presentation on this dish was as good as the previous dishes and the flavors blew our minds away! Topped with edible flowers and a chocolate-filled, raspberry macaroon, the coconut parfait tasted slightly sweet and very coco-nutty. A very light dessert to finish off the heavy meal we had before us.



Americano – LKR 1200

Although it appears to look very simple, this drink is one with a unique flavor that never ceases to amaze the palate. At first I got a hint of cherry, along with a bitter-sweet after taste that glides elegantly on your tongue. Consisting of just Campari, sweet Vermouth and soda, this drink is perfect for a meal by the lagoon at night.


Ceylon Black Pepper Crusted Yellow Fin Tuna Takaki – LKR 750

Absolutely loved this dish! Although the name is long enough to even begin saying, it’s definitely worth repeating! This dish comes with 4 tuna rolls, crusted in black pepper and topped off with lime and edible flowers. The meat has a warm hue of red, placed on top of a green basil puree. The tuna is extremely succulent, juicy and very scrumptious. The spice from the pepper, the tanginess from the lime and the saltiness from the tuna mixes incredibly well as it swirls around in your mouth.


Clam Stew – LKR 750

Of course, this dish was quite colorful as well; consisting of bell pepper, spring onions and a delicious sauce to compliment the ingredients in the dish. As pleasing as it looked, this was the one item I was not pleased with at Moya. For 750 bucks, all you get is an overwhelming amount of bell pepper and clam shells with no meat. We had to swim around the dish to try to find measly amounts of clam meat, which proceeded to have absolutely no taste as well.


Mango Panacotta with Mix berry Coulis – LKR 550

At this point I was already stuffed, but remember kids; always leave room for dessert! This Panacotta represented everything Karthakolomban! The presentation was beautiful, consisting of chocolate, garnish, whipped cream, blueberry and juicy cubes of mango on the bottom of the glass! The Panacotta was really good, really fresh and not too heavy on the stomach.

All in all, we loved our experience at Moya. Although the prices can be somewhat high, I guess you’d be paying for the view along with the food; which in that case, WORTH IT.

Tip: Definitely try the Crazy Crab if you can operate the crab cracker and have no shame in gettin’ down and dirty for the sake of crab meat.


Disclaimer: Pulse’s restaurant reviews are 100% unbiased. On no account do we claim to be qualified food critics; our aim is to simply share our personal experiences and  opinions with our readers. 


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