Restaurant Reviews Momo’s by Ruvi

Momo’s by Ruvi

2017 Apr 24

Let’s get steamy!


Walking into Momo’s we noticed how small the place was, but the restaurant utilised to make it as spacious as possible. This small yet lovely joint consisted of a few tables and had shelves with cute little ornaments on display. We recommend visiting Momo’s during daylight hours since it tends to get incredibly packed in the evenings. The staff were incredibly friendly and hospitable and always checked in to see if we needed anything, which we loved since many places miss out on getting personal.


Strawberry Punch, Apple Green Iced Tea, Matcha Green Tea (Rs. 300 each)

Being in a country where the heat could sometimes be beyond bearable, these drinks simply hit the spot. Considering the fact that Momo’s is a relatively new outlet, we didn’t mind the fact that they didn’t have a wide range under the Drinks menu, however we do hope they extend it.

All 3 drinks were incredibly light and refreshing, certainly something you’d want to help wash down the delicious momos. The Strawberry Punch was infused with a fresh, strawberry flavor and the Apple Green Iced Tea was no less. These two drinks had just the right amount of sweetness and a tangy after taste.  However if you’re more of a tea person, you’d notice how the Matcha Green Tea doesn’t taste much like “tea” but rather more like the previously mentioned drinks.


Chicken Platter, Beef Cheese Momo, Prawn Cheese Momo

Upon talking to the staff, we were told that their chef was Nepalese which had us even more intrigued to see what the momos were like. They also had a tray of sauces on display so that their customers would know which of them were incorporated in their dishes.

Chicken Platter (Rs.900)

With great presentation, the Momo’s platters consist of two clear soups and 12 momos; 4 of which are made in each style (Steamed, Shallow Fried & Wok Fried). Being the lovely staff they are, Momo’s gave us a mixed assortment of chicken and vegetable so we could try out their veggie options too. The only difference in these dumplings is their variation in texture since the same filling is used for each option (ex: chicken filling for all 3 styles of chicken momos). This dish also has a side of Sambal Sauce and Chilli Soy Sauce for added flavour (not that they needed any).  

The clear soups were made of meat/vegetable stock, with bits of spring onion floating around. Although there was nothing too special about this soup, it served as a great palette cleanser so you could dive in for another bite and still be blown away.

The fillings in these dumplings were simply heavenly! Even the veggie momos were seasoned to perfection! Tossed with cabbage, onion and garlic, these dumplings are to die for! The Steamed vegetable momos were pleasantly chewy, with the crunch of vegetables contrasting in texture. Like I mentioned earlier, the only difference in these 3 styles are their texture but unlike the other two, the Wok Fried is bathed in Sambal sauce and topped off with spring onions.

Beef Cheese Momo (Rs.540)

What’s life without some cheese, eh? The usual meat dishes consist of 6 momos and a side of chilli soy sauce, and boy was this a sight to see. Drenched in Schezuan sauce, topped off with chunks of mozzarella and spring onions, along with a side of Chilli soy sauce; we couldn’t wait to devour this! We noticed how the dumpling was more thick and chewy compared to our previous momos, nevertheless it tasted just as heavenly. The filling has a generous amount of meat and that combined with the cheese dissipating in your mouth is just … sigh. Texture-wise, along with the chewiness you also have the crunch of vegetables in your mouth.

Prawn Cheese Momo (Rs.570)

Once again, bathed in Schezuan sauce with spring onions and cheese, we couldn’t leave Momo’s without trying out one of their Prawn options! The interesting thing about these dumplings is the little prawn tails that jut out of the dumpling skin, which is also quite easy to remove. After gobbling up so many momos, we were sure that these momos would probably taste the best.. and we were right! The prawn meat is incredibly fresh since Momo’s get the fresh catch of the day!  The meat was so thick and succulent and every component in this dish seemed to blend perfectly like a match made in heaven.  

We also noticed how each momo was formed with different structures which made it quite easy to identify which filling one momo had from the other.

In conclusion, we loved our experience at Momo’s by Ruvi that we made a second trip the very next day! Let us know in the comments below how your experience was!

Tip: Call in advance if you plan on trying out the Prawn options since they tend to sell out fast.


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