Restaurant Reviews Mermaid Drinks | One Galle Face Mall

Mermaid Drinks | One Galle Face Mall

2019 Dec 10

Open Time:

10:00am - 10:00pm


One Galle Face Mall, 1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


At the food court with Mitsi’s

Adding a little bit of magic!

A lot of new things have been popping out in Colombo this year and just this week we ran across something very unique in the One Galle Face Mall.

Mermaid Drinks is a venture started by James and Cynthia and currently functions off the Mitsi’s outlet at One Galle Face. What makes mermaid drinks special is that they serve some visually interesting and colour changing beverages. Their blue teas and colour changing lemonade are firsts in Sri Lanka.

I’ve seen pea flower tea and lemonade on the internet and I have to be honest that it was quite intriguing and this was the first time I experienced it in real life. What makes this drink extra special is the fact that Cynthia and James grow the pea flowers in Sri Lanka.


Blue Lemonade – LKR 450


This is their most impressive item because this is what literally changes colour and this is due to a pea flower tea (which doesn’t have a flavour). The 400ml cup was massive and as far as a lemonade goes it was quite satisfying.


Passion Fruit – LKR 450


The flavour of the passion fruit really shines through on this one and the colour gradient from blue to pink and then to yellow makes this drink quite a feast for the eyes. The pea flour tea doesn’t lend a big flavour but that’s what makes this interesting.


Strawberry – LKR 490


Strawberry is obviously a crowd favourite. The fact that they use fresh strawberries makes a world of difference and like all their other drinks it looks amazing. The slow change of colour in the flavourless pea flower tea is truly mesmerizing! 

We are all for something new and what Mermaiddrinks offers in most certainly new and exciting. They are planning to expand in the future and to make the pea flowers available commercially so that’s something I am most certainly looking forward to.

Tip – This is the perfect accompaniment for a long shopping trip.


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