Restaurant Reviews Mackie’s Restaurant

Mackie’s Restaurant

2019 Dec 2

Open Time:

12 noon – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm


1A, Gunaratne Pl, Colombo 00500


a little bit passed Park Hospitals


Your new favourite Chinese joint!

Nestled on Gunaratne place in Narahenpita, Mackie’s Restaurant is a hidden gem that often flies under the radar. Serving delicious Lankan-Chinese cuisine, the dishes at Mackie’s are so simple yet complex, taking regular Chinese dishes and giving them a sophisticated twist focusing on flavour and presentation.



Consisting of an array of mocktails, juices, milkshakes and sodas, the drinks menu at Mackie’s wasn’t too complicated and gave you a good selection of yummy drinks to wash down your meal with.


Blue Lagoon (LKR 425)


Zesty and minty, the Blue Lagoon is a mixture of blue curacao, lime cordial and soda. The drink was quite cooling and very refreshing on a warm day. Would recommend!


Chocolate Milkshake (LKR 375)


Thick and rich in flavour, the chocolate milkshake was everything you would need to indulge in on a warm day. It was quite chocolate-y but not too sweet making for a great option.


Tropical Paradise (LKR 495)


A tall, colourful glass, the menu described this as a combination of orange, pineapple and mango juice blended with coconut cream and grenadine syrup. Sipping this drink, the first thing you taste is a strong hint of mango and orange with after notes of pineapple and papaya. It’s a tall, filling glass and a full journey in itself so if you love fruits, this is the drink for you.


From mutton to crab to cuttlefish, this place has it all! In an array of delicious starch dishes and proteins, there’s something for everyone on the menu.


Hot Butter Cuttlefish (LKR 1150)


Crispy, flavourful, and very buttery, this is hands down one of the best hot butter cuttlefish dishes we have tried. It’s no regular HBC, there’s a punch of flavour that takes the dish up a notch and we couldn’t get enough! The portion was decent, big enough for 2 – 3 people to binge on, highly recommended!



Sizzling Hot Garlic Fish (LKR 1250)


A delicious dish of sizzling fish, this one was everything we could ask for! Flaky fish coated in a lightly burnt chilli sauce from the preparation and garnished with spring onions, this dish packed flavour and spice, we loved it!


Chicken Hong Kong Style (LKR 850)


Though this dish looked small in portion size, there was no lack of meat or flavour. Tender meat coated in a sauce with a strong hint of soy and dry chilli and spring onions as garnish, this one complemented our rice quite well.


Sweet and Sour Prawns (LKR 1100)


A classic Lankan-Chinese dish, this one was a real trip down memory lane to the good old days when life (and the food we ate) was simple. The prawns inside weren’t large per se but were pretty meaty and coated in a delicious thick batter, these flavours were so nostalgic and good for the soul! There was a good balance of the sweet and the sour in this dish and we loved it.


Mixed Crispy Noodles (LKR 1250)


This dish was definitely the winner of the afternoon! A combination of mixed vegetables inclusive of mushroom and bell peppers, prawn, chicken and beef, this dish was oh. so. good. The noodles were crispy and perfectly soaked up the gravy from the stir fry making this dish a textural journey!


Seafood Rice (LKR 825)


Moist, flavourful and served in a portion more than enough for three, this dish wasn’t like a regular fried rice. With small pieces of prawns and cuttlefish tossed in, this was much more flavourful and fluffy than your usual Chinese rice and made for a great pairing with most of the dishes we had that day.



Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Butter (LKR 750)

The mixed vegetables were not garlicky per se and were pretty heavy on the butter, but the mild flavours and healthy combination of elements made for a good balance with the other dishes.


The desserts menu at Mackie’s sounds pretty generic but like everything else, even the desserts were well executed.


Baked Alaska (LKR 550)

We didn’t expect much from this dish but it was actually pretty impressive. Layers of cake and ice cream topped off with cherry and chocolate sauces, this will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. We’d advice you to get this as a sharing dish as the flavours are pretty overpowering.


Sizzling Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream (LKR 575)


Mackie’s does sizzling dishes quite well. Two pieces of brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, this dish was food for the soul. The brownie was texturally more like a cake but it was so rich and decadent that we loved it anyway!


The service at Mackie’s is very attentive and fast. Our waiter was an absolute sweetheart who paid attention to our every request and even the front desk is very welcoming and helpful. Mackie’s also has multiple seating options both upstairs and downstairs, though upstairs is a little nicer. They also have a private dining area to host a group of around 10.

Tip – definitely try the Mixed Crispy Noodles


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