Restaurant Reviews Mabroc Bubble Tea (ODEL Promenade)

Mabroc Bubble Tea (ODEL Promenade)

2017 Jun 29

Open Time:

10.00 a.m. – 8.30 p.m.


Odel Promenade, Ward Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Odel Promenade


Drinks that won’t burst your bubble!

Bubble-tea has seen a crazy rise in popularity in Colombo, especially in the last year. With dozens of stores opening up all over the city, we consider it quite smart for Mabroc to have opened up a stall in the ever populated shopping spot, Odel. With a buzzing ambience trying to escape the Colombo heat, the spot was crowded but the demands of the thirsty were met efficiently and politely by the service behind the Mabroc counter. Having opened up a branch in Liberty Plaza just a short while ago, we were curious to see if the newly-opened store would match or surpass the standards Mabroc had been displaying thus far in their other location.

The extensive menu revolved entirely around drinks, with quite a range of varieties that could be confusing to some, but exciting for others. We tried up to seven drinks from five of their most popular categories, which turned out to be quite much for just one girl!

With such a vast range and a complex order, it’s easy to get something wrong but Mabroc prevailed, serving us seven delicious drinks that my family was very happy to be recipients of when brought back home because as I mentioned earlier, a bit much for a girl my size.

With 360 for a large and 330 LKR for a regular, there wasn’t too much of a hindrance with regards to size with even the regular being satisfactory for one person. The bubbles ranged from flavoured popping bubbles, to curiously shaped jelly and of course, the tapioca.


Bubble Fruiteas

Naarang & Lychee with Mango Popping Bubbles – Rs. 330

These were quite the heat quenchers for me, with just the right ratio of sweet and sour to them. Though the sourness of the Naarang and Lychee did cause quite a face twister for me initially, I realized that was only common with the first sips and as I kept going, the richness of the fruits came through, dousing out that initial sourness.

Passionfruit & Blueberry with Mango popping Bubbles – Rs. 330

Passionfruit and blueberry seemed quite an experimental combination but with this drink, both the flavours held their own, with the mango popping bubbles taking the whole drink to a higher, more delicious level. The innovation present in both the fruiteas was refreshing and very welcome to the bubble-tea scene in Colombo.


Bubble Shakes

Strawberry & Mango with Star Jelly

Passionfruit & Peach with Bear Jelly – Rs. 330

The Passionfruit & Peach was super interesting because I think, for me, it was more about the jellies because the thick, gummy bear-like flavor was the star of the show, as opposed to the rather subtle and sweet flavor of both shakes.

The Passionfruit and Peach combined well with one another but I would have liked a little bit more of both fruits in the shake.


Iced Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca – Rs. 330

Though I would have liked this to be a bit more chilled, I get why it’s known as a classic; it was absolutely delicious and thus my favourite. The tea flavor was strong and rich, whilst the sweetness level was just right. The other times I’ve tried this classic in different joints, I had found the sweetness to be the buzzkill because it would always kill the taste of the tea; not in this case. The tapioca bubbles didn’t interfere with the Pure Ceylon Tea that Mabroc boasts of, and rightly so.


Chocolate Hazelnut – Rs. 330

This one was the only somewhat let down in my book because I was expecting it to be very rich in the chocolatey, nutty flavours. It was more milky than rich, however others may find it perfectly suitable for their palette so it isn’t too big an issue but I’m presuming that on the whole, a richer more chocolatey flavor would have fared better. This time around, the tapioca bubbles attracted more of the attention for they were slightly more flavourful than the tea itself.

Ramadan Special 

Candy Rose with Strawberry Popping Bubbles

Lastly, with all the promotions Mabroc had going on, we thought it best to go with the Ramadan special for Rs. 330. This tasted as good as it looked, needing to be stirred for a good 30 seconds till the rose syrup at the bottom was mixed well with the rest of the drink. Traditionally, rose-flavoured drinks always end up having a sweeter flavor than others would, so we weren’t taken aback by the sweetness of this drink, rather enjoying it in fact. Another surprise was that the strawberry popping bubbles didn’t actually increase the sweetness for me but complimented the rose, giving the whole drink a very faluda effect. I enjoyed it but it there’s definitely a chance it might come across as too sweet for a different palette.


On the whole, we’re impressed with their service for the staff were well-informed with the flavours; even those higher up in the ladder because we found the Project Manager (I think) recommending their best teas to us, with clearly a superb knowledge of the entire menu. The 30 rupee price difference between the small and the large does not appear like much, with the regular also being rather enough to satisfy for your cravings but if you’re absolutely and starved and ready to kill because of the heat, wouldn’t hurt to go for the large. Their flavors are innovative yet classic, I only wish my sore throat hadn’t been there so I could have tried out some of the slushies. They’ve decided to focus just on their drinks menu for now but we’re eager to see what the future holds for Mabroc in Colombo!

Have you been to Mabroc Bubble Tea yet? What do you think?


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