Long Feng

2018 Mar 23

Open Time:

12 noon - 3.00 p.m. | 7.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.


Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, 117, Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 02


An in-house restaurant at Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo


A gastronomic journey to the Far East!

Long Feng has been a crowd pleaser for years! Despite it being a fine dining avenue at a hotel, Cinnamon Lakeside, the prices are far lower than what you would usually expect. The ambience never falls short and the staff is always cheerful and accommodating. It’s always been a go-to for family birthdays or fancy dinners for bigger groups of people because it’s economically and gastronomically a pretty smart choice. The one thing with them is consistency, and they’ve been able to consistently do this for years now!

They’ve also got a super fancy Dim Sum buffet going on for lunch, I went for this sometime back, and loved it – was very rich in variety, preparation and taste – but we’ll do a full review of it soon! Watch this space for an update.

Special mention of their serving sizes as well, FYI. Portions are pretty big, a ‘small’ dish is easily enough for 3 people!


Deep fried lion prawn balls – Small: LKR 800 | Large: LKR 1500

Yum yum yum. 4 ginormous balls made out of minced prawn meat coated in something much longer and narrow than panko crumbs and fried till golden brown. The meat inside was soft and succulent and full of flavor!

Pork belly with hot garlic salad – Small: LKR 490 | Large: LKR 900

I had my thoughts about this one because I was skeptical of what a “hot garlic salad” was. But if you’re like me and are up for a challenge, you should definitely give this one a shot. A handful of tender pork belly strips were tossed in a yummy garlic and chili sauce and placed over some salad greens (hence the connotation of a salad!)

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup – Small: LKR 450 | Large: LKR 700

For years, a visit to Long Feng by me has always meant that I go there specifically for their Chicken Sweet Corn deliciousness as I devour every last drop of however much I am served. In terms of serving size for this one, a small is more than enough for two! The soup is thick, the corn and tender chicken are in abundance, and the egg drops have a flavor of smokiness in them. It is the perfect adaption of a classic Chinese egg drop soup. Also a Sri Lankan favorite!


Gongbao Chicken with fried chili and cashew nuts – Small: LKR 730 | Large: LKR 1380

The waiter convinced us that we try the Gonbao Chicken as it was a “Masterchef’s recommended” dish. He wasn’t wrong and we weren’t let down. The diced meat was incredibly soft and the marination had made its way into layers of the meat. The sauce it rested on was slightly spicy but not didn’t overpower the flavor and texture of the dish as a whole.

Fried Lamb with spring onion and garlic sauce – Small: LKR 980 | Large: LKR 1880

The Fried Lamb was a treat! Although the menu card read that it was accompanied by a “garlic” sauce, the sauce tasted pretty oyster like to me. Either way, it was incredible!

Fried egg with green chili – Small: LKR 280 | Large: LKR 550

Fried egg, scrambled up with green chili! Super worth it for just LKR 280, and super yummy because the omelette carries a charred grilled taste with it.

Stir fried chili garlic broccoli – Small: LKR 360 | Large: LKR 590

The stir fry was really nice as well. The broccoli was drizzled in oil and tossed in a pan with chili and garlic so it wasn’t overdone where you’d see the sprouts start to shrivel and neither was it underdone where the broccoli would be too crunchy.

Crispy noodles with seafood and vegetable chop suey – Small: LKR 600 | Large: LKR 1150

Out of everything we tried that night, this was the only dish we weren’t big fans of. What was yummy though, was the seafood and chop suey over the noodles. This plate is a worth the LKR 600, because you get some noodles, some seafood, and free chop seuy.

Egg and Spring Onion Fried Rice – Small: LKR 450 | Large: LKR 850

Besides the Chicken Sweet Corn Soup, this is the other reason why Long Feng is my go-to. I have not had better fried rice anywhere else I’m Sri Lanka. Need I say more?


The host was nice enough to serve us some green tea to wash the oil off and give us the mental satisfaction that all the calories we just devoured didn’t really count!

Have you tried Long Feng yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: We would definitely recommend their Fried Rice and Sweet Corn Soup because there’s no other place in Colombo that can beat these two dishes!


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