Life Food

2017 Mar 3

Open Time:

08.00 am - 10.00 pm


A1 Perehara Mawatha Colombo, Sri Lanka


Perahara Mawath (On top of Alwis Road)

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Big food in a cozy space


Life Food is the newest Healthy Food venture in Colombo. They just opened up and everyone has been going crazy over what they have to offer! Their social media game has been strategically played well and it does meet your expectations. They have a very extensive menu to offer and everything they’ve got on their menu is quite interesting. Here’s how our experience went!


Purifier – Rs. 330

The Purifier was a mix of pineapple, passion fruit and mint leaves. The flavour of the passion fruit was quite strong in the drink and more or less overpowered the other elements of the drink. Nonetheless, I loved this drink because it was very refreshing and given that it was quite hot outside when we went, it was perfect.

Immunizer – Rs. 300

The Immunizer was a juice consisting of a combination of good ol’ Narang and basil leaves. When comparing it with the Purifier, it did taste blander and kind of reminded us of drinking some kola kenda. Again this was also quite refreshing and would probably be a juice you’d have to refresh yourself and not for the taste.

Berrymo – Rs. 400

The Berrymo was a concoction under their choice of smoothies. This one was a mix of mango, strawberry and banana, my favourite fruits! While this one was also flavourful, we felt that the mango in the drink tasted a bit overripe. We also couldn’t taste the strawberry in the drink, and this was a bit of a letdown.


Jammin’ Pancakes: Lost Italian – Rs. 725 (To add pol sambol-Rs.25, To add smoked salmon – Rs. 250)


Their Jammin’ Pancakes were jammin’ alright! The choice they had was quite extensive and we went with the Lost Italian. This was Kale and garlic durum wheat pancakes with poached eggs and lemon yogurt hollandaise. One thing we do very much appreciate at Life Food is the fact that their presentation is en pointe! The pancakes looked great and the flavours of the dish came out well, too. The hollandaise brought a welcome tangy and sour taste to the dish and the poached eggs were brilliant as well. However, personally I didn’t really taste any garlic there and the pancakes were kind of grainy, which I think is because they are made using Atta flour.

Hunger Busters

Lankan Hero – Rs. 550

The Lankan Hero was definitely the hero of our experience at Life Food. The presentation was sweet and simple and it tasted absolutely phenomenal. This dish was a kottu roti, chicken curry, vegetables and egg, all wrapped in a durum wheat roti. The fact that they used our beloved kottu as a filling for the wrap was quite unique. The kottu and curry were amazing. It came to us hot, fresh and spicy and they weren’t at all stingy with the chicken. The only letdown with this dish was the fact that there were quite a few bones and this was definitely not something we expected.

Seeni Burgle – Rs. 475

The Seeni Burgle was a fabulous take on a bagel. This came with 2 sunny side up village eggs, dhal curry, seeni sambol and coriander, all wedged in the midst of the bagel. I loved this one from the very first bite I had. The seeni sambol was spicy and tasted epic. The eggs were also quite exceptional. All the elements in this dish came together well. However, as you it eat it, you begin to feel that it’s like eating an ordinary seeni sambol sandwich, and this kinda took the oomph factor away for us.

They’ve done quite well on the decor and design front. Each table dons a little flower pot with a beautifully green plant and a little vase with a big, bright yellow flower. The white wood and the rustic wall hangings go perfectly with each other.

The place was actually smaller than we thought it would be. It’s nice if you’re there with your significant other when the place is deserted. But when it gets crowded, you kind of begin to feel a bit claustrophobic. Another thing we were very happy about was the time they took to bring out everything for us, which was about a total of 10 minutes.

However, we felt the staff could’ve been a bit friendlier and welcoming and that their knives were sharper, because boy did we have a time trying to cut up our food!

Have you dropped into Life Food yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: Try out their bagels and pancakes! You’ll be in for quite a ride!