Lau Pa Sat

2020 Mar 5

Open Time:

10am to 10pm


1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


Fourth Floor of One Galle Face

Contact No

0117 869 888


A little soul of Singapore at the heart of Colombo!

“Lau Pa Sat”, a name derived from the infamous hawker-centers in Singapore, was a treat for all our senses. Stepping in, we were welcomed by the friendly staff, the beautiful interiors and a little whiff of Singapore itself! 



From a range traditional drinks unique to Singaporean cuisine, to an array of drinks meant for the modern taste palate, Lau Pa Sat offers it all. All non-alcoholic drinks, that is.


Bandung Rose Syrup (LKR 400)

Not too sweet. Not too thick. And not too thin. The flavour of the rose syrup managed to seep through in the best way. It was a welcoming surprise to see the presence of poppy seeds in the drink, as we were under the impression that the Bandung Rose Syrup doesn’t include them.


Milo Dinosaur (LKR 400)

The Milo Dinosaur (or Milo Tabur) definitely looked the part, but didn’t really live up to our expectations when it was time to taste. It came with a good dose of undissolved Milo power on top – which really helped to take the flavour up a notch. 


Lychee Soda Cooler (LKR 400)

Definitely the most unique out of the three we had (and our personal favourite), the Lychee Soda Cooler was tangy, refreshing and punchy – all at the same time! The sharpness of the soda worked really well with the sweet flavour of the lychee.



Coffee Sauce Chicken Wings (LKR 750)

This was one of the items that we couldn’t wait to dig in to after just seeing it on the menu. And we were not disappointed. Crispy and juicy, the wings came to the table covered in their sticky signature coffee sauce and garnished with sesame seeds. The sweet and bitter flavour of the coffee in the sauce – although mild – blended well with the flavour of the tender meat of the chicken.


Jumbo Chicken Satay (LKR 700)

The Jumbo Chicken Satay was a tough one. Our local taste buds weren’t all too familiar with the flavours this dish had to offer, but our adventurous taste buds were left wanting to try more. The chicken was tender, but personally, we found it to be a little on the oily side. The satay was accompanied with a sauce (more along the lines of a paste), tasted of peanuts and generally paired well with the chicken satay. There was a certain after taste of spice that we felt at the end of the meal, but it showed a contrast in flavour, which we loved. 


Laksa (LKR 1000)

Oh where do we begin… this was a literal embodiment of Singaporean cuisine. An explosion of flavours, feeding us in sight, smell and taste, the Laksa completely won us over and shot up the list of our all time favourites. With a rich coconut and seafood curry noodle soup, this was mildly spicy, and the thick wheat noodles have been brought in from Singapore itself. The portion itself – although meant for one and well worth the price –  was really big and we (there were three of us) were still struggling to finish that bowl of sunshine. There were plenty of juicy prawns, together with a generous portion of succulent prawn-cakes, that quite literally melted in our mouths. The noodles were silky and smooth, complimenting the dish very well. All in all, this was definitely our favorite meal of the day and we would for sure recommend it! 


Nasi Goreng With Fried Chicken (LKR 750)

Our expectations weren’t high for the Nasi Goreng, being quite a common dish here in Sri Lanka, but this was definitely one of the better ones we have had. The rice was sticky and fluffy, both at the same time. The flavour of the caramelised onion mixed into the rice was very prominent, and it added a nice depth of flavour to the dish. The fried chicken was also crispy on the outside, and juicy and tender on the inside. Accompanied with the traditional Singaporean Flower Fryums – locally referred to as Mal Papadum –  and a side of pickled vegetables, the dish was an all in all, a tantalising experience. Although we did feel – even though the portion was filling – it was priced a little too high.


Ayam Panggang With Rice (LKR 750)

The Ayam Panggang was quite a masterpiece, and having been marinated for 24 hours, was definitely living up to its hype. After just one bite into the scrumptiously tender chicken, there was an explosion of flavours in our mouths! The steamed rice – surprising as it may sound – was a treat in itself. We were pleasantly startled by how full of flavour it was, for just a cup of steamed rice. 



Goreng Pisang with Vanilla Ice Cream (LKR 500)

Goreng Pisang – the Singaporean version of ‘Banana Fritters’ –  was ticking all the correct boxes. Drizzled in chocolate sauce, it was golden, crunchy and and sweet, in just the right way, and the banana was cooked to perfection. The vanilla ice cream that accompanied the dish was the perfect way to balance the warmth of the banana fritters.


Chendol with Vanilla Ice Cream (LKR 500)

A bowl brought straight out of the hawker-centers of Singapore, the Chengdol was full of surprises. The Chengdol, having been made from scratch, was giving us quite a new, yet familiar, sensation in our mouths. The jelly-like delicacy was accompanied with red kidney beans in a bowl of coconut milk. And bringing it all together was a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So if you’re up for a taste of adventure, we, for sure, recommend this!


Strawberry Cheesecake (LKR 500)

At LKR 500, we thought the size of the portion was on the smaller side – although, with that being said, this cheesecake did not disappoint. The cheesecake was baked to sublimity and the biscuit layer was just right. The icing on the cake was – quite literally – the layer of strawberry jam on top, which added a nice tangy flavour to cut through the sweetness of the cake! 



A spacious setting with plenty of seating, both indoor, as well as outdoor, the restaurant was donned throughout with little pieces of Singaporean flare and history. From the tables to the black and white pictures on the wall, it was all an homage to Singapore. The staff was incredibly friendly and was always on alert if we needed anything. We even had the chance to have a one-on-one with the head chef, herself. Having originally descended from the Philippines, we also got to know she specialises in Asian-fusion cuisine. And we were definitely surprised by how fast the service was too. There was little to no crowd when we were visiting, but then again, it was a weeknight, and we were told that it got rather busy during lunch hours. 

In conclusion, our time at the Lau Pa Sat at Level 04 in One Galle Face was a 10/10, and we would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to experience authentic Singaporean cuisine, right here at the heart of Colombo!