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Laksa Noodle Bar

2019 Mar 4

Open Time:

Tuesday to Thursday: 6 pm – 9.30 pm | Friday and Saturday: 6 pm – 10 pm | Closed on Sundays and Mondays


179 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 00500


a little bit past Sushi Kai

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A noodle for every mood!

Noodles play a large part of most South Asian cuisines and with hawker food getting increasingly popular within Colombo, Laksa Noodle Bar has found the perfect market to cater to. Specialising in all kinds of noodles from around South Asia from the Chinese Ho Fun to Singaporean Noodles, Noodle Bar is a compact little space with tables and chairs lining the walls and an open kitchen concept. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the place was free of single-use plastics, so big win there!


Noodle Bar serves up the usual soft drinks but they also have an iced tea that’s not on the regular menu so do be sure to ask.

Organic Iced Tea – LKR 150

Served in a large mason jar, with a simple slice of lime floating around, the organic iced tea was cool and refreshing and a welcome respite from the heat emanating from the kitchen. It was also quite a light drink and went well with the food that was served.


Prawn Dumpling – LKR 750

We were served a portion of 6 piping hot wok-fried dumplings as an appetizer. There was a strong taste of garlic and celery and the quantity of prawns could have been increased but the sambal that it was served with was quite flavourful and overall, the dumplings were satisfying. Probably not as great as some we’ve had, but good.


From stir fried to soup noodles, they have a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. You can choose between chicken, beef, and prawn for your meat or you can choose to have a vege option instead which is still great because all their dishes include tonnes of yummy vegetables.

Curry Laksa Lemak Prawn – LKR 1100

A product of Malaysia, the Laksa was a combination of bean sprouts, bok choy, tofu, and noodles swimming in a nice spicy coconut broth, accompanied by half a boiled egg. We opted for the prawns and got a smattering of slightly squishy prawns which we didn’t really love. The noodles were a combination of vermicelli and thick spaghetti-like noodles which was a little confusing (because why two kinds of noodles?), but the broth was delicious and the portion was massive, making it a great dish overall.

Chicken Miso Ramen Soup – LKR 900

All the way from Japan, the Ramen was a combination of shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, and seaweed served with half a boiled egg, flat noodles and chicken in a yummy miso soup, coming in a massive portion. The mushrooms were so full of flavour and definitely my favourite part, and the seaweed was a nice twist to an already great dish. Would recommend!

Woon Sen Noodles Beef – LKR 950

Woon Sen is a Thai dish with a vermicelli base accompanied by onions, Chinese cabbage, carrots and tomato. Though the portion was, again, massive, the taste of it was quite light and refreshing thanks to the vermicelli. We chose to add beef to it and the strips of meat were tender and flavourful. If you’re looking for something lighter and guilt-free, we’d recommend this dish.

Chow Mein Chicken – LKR 850

To finish up, we opted for a chicken chow mein, which was a combination of bok choy, carrots, onions, chicken and mushroom stir fried into a thick egg noodle. The chow mein had a thick sauce that tasted a lot like a sweet corn soup with the overpowering flavours of chicken stock and corn flour pulling through. I wasn’t a huge fan of this dish but the flavours were alright and overall it was quite filling.


Because the space at Laksa Noodle Bar is quite small, it tends to get a little noisy and warm with the kitchen dominating most of the restaurant but they have smooth jazz music playing in the background and their service is stellar with the lady at the counter being very friendly and the food arriving at your table quite fast.

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Tip – The Laksa is a winner!