2017 Dec 12

Open Time:

7.30am – 7pm


No. 427, Elvitigala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo 5


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A feel-good place!

Kurumba Fusion is a drool-worthy entity that has been invading all of our Instagram pages as of late, full of juices, healthy eats and picture-worthy fruit bowls, so we were pretty psyched to go check out the newest craze in town. Their store, located down Elvitigala Mawatha is super funky, full of splashes of color, catchy phrases and good vibes. We were fortunate enough to run into the guy who runs the place and have a long chat with him and let me tell you, everyone who works there is super friendly and very helpful.

All of Kurumba’s dishes are based on its namesake, bringing in your favorite tropical flavors into their juices and smoothies. They promise that their dishes don’t include added waters or sugars and is all natural. Everything is fresh and diced up right in front of you and makes for a very feel good meal or snack.


They have a range of smoothies and juices combining some very interesting things together. Their portions are also quite large and a juice would actually suffice for a full breakfast if you’re trying to eat clean.

Valley Girl (Rs. 220)

We tried the Valley Girl which was a juice blend of pineapple, naarang and Kurumba – all your favorite tropical flavors. Oddly enough, although the other fruits used in the juice were pretty acidic, the taste of Kurumba still delivered – although subdued, as the flavor of Kurumba is known to be, it was delicious, healthy and quite filling.

Fruit Bowls

Kurumba uses the concept of BYOB – or Build Your Own Bowl, where you can pick and choose and make your very own fruit bowl according to your preferences. The process is that you choose one base, which is a fruit puree, two heavy loads like mango or banana and three light loads like orange or pomegranate which is fresher than the other options. It’s a really cool new concept and super fun too. You can choose between two sizes, a BYOBowl or a BYOCup. The Bowl is massive and one person definitely can’t finish it but the cups are a pretty ideal size for a healthy snack.

BYOBowl (Rs. 450)

For our bowl, we wanted to get creative so for the base, we opted for Mango, for our heavy load we chose watermelon and pineapple, and for our light load we chose grapes, pomegranate and orange. You really can’t go wrong with tossing delicious fresh fruit into a bowl so there were zero complaints about the execution and flavor of this dish. The mango puree was pure fruit and well mushed and the best part of the whole thing was that it looked mad pretty. So definitely a win to all of our Instagram pages!

BYOCup (Rs. 350)

The Build Your Own Cup option is served in the cutest coconut shell bowl and prepared to perfection. I’m generally not a fan of pureed avocado but we decided to give Kurumba a chance and I’m glad I did. The avocado we chose for the base of our Cup was creamy, rich and I think the best part was that it was fresh, meaning that the green of the fruit was vibrant and it just tasted that much better. We also got a banana and pineapple heavy load as well as a papaya, pomegranate and grape light load. The fruits combined together well, no surprise, and we would definitely go back here again and again for their Cups.

Kurumba has plenty of space for large groups of people so it’s an ideal place to meet with friends or just chill out to some groovy tunes. The food arrives at your table pretty fast and you can even watch them dice up the fruits and make your bowl for you if you sit at the bar. There’s lots of Bob Marley playing and Rasta vibes and is just a great place to kick back and relax.

We loved it, do let us know if you did too in the comments below!

Tip: their Fruit Cups are an ideal portion for one person, go for the Bowl if you’re sharing.


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