Komala Vilas

2018 Oct 3

Open Time:

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM


No 04, Cross Road, Mt. Lavinia


Just past Sampath Bank on Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Contact No

011 7 230830


New on the block, Komala Vilas is an authentic Indian Restaurant which serves some killer dishes. Located in Mount Lavinia, the restaurant is hidden amidst the bustling streets – however it’s definitely worth the stop for a diverse culinary experience. While the restaurant itself didn’t seem as cozy as we expected it to be, something which caught our attention almost instantly was the fact that the chefs were Indian themselves! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to some spicy dishes! So let’s jump right in!


Prawns Gambas Al Ajillo – LKR 1000
We went ahead with the “Prawns Gambas Al Ajillo”, which is known to be a popular Spanish dish in the south and center of Spain (this had us a tad bit confused). However, the rich flavors of garlic, saffron and butter delivered a pleasant mixture to the overall dish of well marinated prawns. That being said, we weren’t too pleased with the presentation of the dishes which consisted of only 6 pieces of prawns each ranging quite differently in terms of size and texture.

Special mention to the “Aloo Ki Nazakat” which is served at Rs. 400 and is known to be quite a popular appetizer which consists of tandoor – roasted potato served on a bed of salad, topped with yogurt and mint!


Komala Vilas has an extensive spread across both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus and their dishes range from cottage cheese to mixed vegetable gravies accompanied by a wide array of mouthwatering vegetable biriyani and other choices of rice.

The non-veg menu on the other hand covers a massive course of spicy biriyani (chicken, prawn, fish fillet, and mutton!) with popular Indian dishes like the oh-so famous Chicken Tikka Masala, Lucknowi Ghost Korma which consists of Boneless tender Lamb mixed with Indian herbs, in addition to other rich dishes including Fish, Prawn, and Mutton.

Murg Awadhi Biriyani – LKR 1500
The combination we went ahead with was personally recommended to us by the chef himself and we’re extremely glad he did! The “Murg Awadhi Biriyani”, a type of Chicken Biriyani cooked in ‘Awadhi Style’ (North Indian) topped with their popular Chicken Tikka Masala (of course we couldn’t resist) was a real treat!

Chicken Tikka Masala – LKR 1200

While the bowl of rice appears to be a bit too small at first glance the portion was more than enough for two hungry adults! The spices of this particular dish were extremely rich and the flavors rolled off my tongue. The Chicken Tikka Masala added a pleasant contrast to the spicy biriyani – with a tinge of sweetness and good portions of chicken, the dish was without a doubt a fine example of authentic Indian food! We’d recommend digging into this dish while also exploring their massive range of vegetarian dishes as well!

Butter Naan/ Garlic Naan (2 pieces each) – LKR 350
We also had the opportunity to indulge in some hot, crispy naans which come in 2 pieces each for Rs. 350. This seemed quite reasonable when taking into account the process to make traditional butter and garlic naans the Indian way! Made in what is popularly known as a Tandoor Oven (also known as cylindrical clay or metal oven) the naans are cooked to perfection with just the right crisp and crunch! Probably one of the best naans I’ve had as of yet!

We ordered 2 pieces which came in 6 slices of buttery perfection! The Chicken Tikka Masala was even better with fresh naan straight from the oven! We’d recommend the Paneer Makhani which is cottage cheese in a tomato and cream gravy for all you foodies out there!

Komala Vilas is without a doubt a great restaurant to dine atif you prefer a true authentic Indian cuisine culinary experience. While the location is a tad bit hard to find, we’d advise you to look up the traffic in the area before paying a visit as the roads can get pretty crowded during peak hours – that being said, Komala Vilas has ample parking space and is open to host events and small functions in their private dining area.


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