2019 Nov 15

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11am - 3pm ; 5:00pm-10:00pm


3 Edward Ln, Colombo 003


a little bit passed the Majestic City, on the right side

Why pass a chance to try any version of kottu we can get our hands on? Ko Roti brings us a selected range of fusion kottu meals and like those of us who prefer our comfort food right at our doorstep, we opted for their Uber Eats delivery to try one of everything we could. From familiar flavors to newer versions of this classic dish, we recommend this a must-try for any kottu fanatic! 



Nasi Goreng w/ Seafood- LKR 521.74

    With a heaping helping of shellfish and a variety of seafood, this is one kottu that balances well on the palate. If you’re someone who loves but can’t handle spice, this one is for you! With a sweet tinge of spice giving this meal experience a well needed kick. The textures in this fusion combo is the chewiness from the cuttlefish to the crunchy yet succulent prawns. With all this seafood, they managed to make this kottu well balanced and avoid giving us “Fish-breath”.

Thai Green Curry w/ Bean Curd- LKR 521.74

    More times than not, we experience this flavour out of a flavouring paste, so we were thankful that this option was quite close to an authentic kottu, Thai green curry fusion meal that hit all the right taste buds. While this kottu may seem a little bland at first, the accompanying Thai green curry, albeit too thick to pour adds a great blend of flavours and textures.

Black Pepper w/ Beef- LKR 521.74

    We all love a good beef kottu any day and what makes Ko Roti a great place to eat from is the generous serving of meat to roti. As most Sri Lankans are accustomed to a very spicy and flavourful palate, this option could use more spice and overall flavour as the accompanying sauce doesn’t add much to the mix. Good for a one- time try but, doubtfully going back again.

Thai Chilli w/ Mutton- LKR 521.74

    The soft roti and chunky pieces of mutton sat well to blend the spice of the Thai chilli and the flavours of Sri Lankan curry and vegetables. With a burst of Asian fusion, the touch of coriander leaves complement the overall meal experience. Although flavourful, this won’t meet the spice requirement of any spice lovers out there, but will still leave you feeling satisfied.

Biriyani w/ Chicken- LKR 521.74

    With huge portion sizes and good meat to vegetable and roti ratio! So far this one is definitely a winner in my book. As Sri Lankans, most of us are accustomed to handling spice in almost every dish we consume and would’ve appreciated a bit more spice to wrap up the entire meal experience. The great thing about this versatile kottu dish is that on its own, it’s lower on spice levels and has an overall satisfying flavour and when had with the accompanying “Biriyani” sauce, adds on a whole bunch of flavour without tasting over-salted or over-spiced. 

So there you have it, Sri Lankan kottu with a twist. The Asian inspired flavours defiinitely added a uniqueness to the kottu that can’t be found just anywhere. While fusion kottu is not something that we crave for every single time, it’s definitely worth a shot!


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