KIKU Colombo

2018 Sep 17

Open Time:

Tuesday to Saturday 12 pm – 9 pm | Sunday 12 – 6 pm


32, 01 B, Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 4


Above Shirohana Romatico, opposite Ebert Place

Contact No



Japanese inspired cuisine in an accommodating and charming space!

KIKU Colombo is all the rage now and when we visited we saw why! First off the café was easy to find: you walk up a flight of stairs and open the door to your right to an absolutely remarkable setting. With its pastel shaded sofas and Instagrammable aesthetics KIKU strives to make you feel right at home.

KIKU Colombo was established with the aim to promote horticulture, quite apparent with the theme of flora and fauna they have going on and their objective is to form an inventive space and workshop studio so that customers can visit and engage in all things creative.

They offer detox water and refills whenever and they provide cute little favours with their dishes (read on to know more). There’s soothing music playing in the background and they also sell little knick-knacks like stationery, toiletries and such in their KIKU Store, where classic records are available too so be sure to check those out as well!


They have a very extensive beverage menu ranging from garden sodas to your basic hot beverages and even green tea cold pressed juices!

Lemon Tea with Fresh Cucumber – LKR 450
This was a garden soda and came with two slices of cucumber. It was super refreshing helping us beat the heat. There was a strong taste of bitter lemon which actually worked when paired with the cucumber. If you are looking for a sweeter option though, we recommend the green tea cold pressed juices.

Apple and Lime – LKR 480

This was one such green tea cold pressed juice and we were sceptical at first because most places fail at really bringing out the taste of apple in beverages. KIKU however, did a great job and the apple to lime ratio was just right. The consistency was fine too, not too thick. The green tea was evident but not overpowering. This was our star beverage.

Gyokuro – LKR 500

Gyokuro is a type of green tea that is shaded for about 3 to 4 weeks. The green tea flavour you would usually expect was not evident and was rather slight but it tasted quite nice. You get a pot of tea which comes up to about two and a half mugs full so the price is pretty decent.

Cappuccino – LKR 500

This was available under their classic coffees section and it was good if you like your coffee strong. If you like it sweet however, do not opt for this or ask them to add extra sugar. It was alright but what I really want to write about is the bretzeli with which they served this beverage. Bretzelis are basically flat Swiss cookies. It was super crispy. We were told that whenever they feel like it they offer little favours with their dishes and switch up the ingredients used in their dishes as well to keep things interesting.


Chicken Katsu Sando – LKR 950

You get a choice of either sourdough or brioche; we went with the sourdough. The chicken was fried to perfection and was generously coated in panko bread crumbs. The sourdough was toasted and enveloped the chicken, mayonnaise and a hefty serving of shredded cabbage. This dish came with a side of lotus root, radish topped off with sesame seeds, and mayu oil. The ingredients combined well together and this was easily the best dish we had.

Cucumber Salad with Miso Soup – LKR 990

Guaranteed to fill you up, the star of this dish is the cucumber salad. Topped with sesame seeds, edible flowers and chopped cashew, the cucumber salad is a refreshing treat! Accompanying this crunchy delicacy is the sticky garlic rice and the miso soup. The sticky garlic rice was flavoursome and exactly what we expected it to be but the miso soup on the other hand, had an acquired taste for those souls who thoroughly love Japanese food. Basically, it was not meant for my palate so be warned before you order this!

Teriyaki Chicken Bagel – LKR 950

Bagels are hard to come by in Sri Lanka so we tried out both the savoury and sweet options they had to offer. This particular bagel came with a generous filling of mayonnaise, shredded chicken, mayu oil and cabbage. We wished the bagel was softer and easier to bite into but nevertheless, the ingredients complimented each other and was quite the delicacy.

Kinako and Cinnamon Bagel – LKR 950

On to the sweet option, yet again we hoped the bagel this time around was softer but it sadly was not. To anyone who is looking for a mildly sweet and healthy dish, this should be right up your alley because this bagel was packed with caramelized bananas and topped off with roasted soybean flour. What gave this main that extra oomph though, was the side of cinnamon cream. YUMS.

So, our experience at KIKU was amazing and their staff are very accommodating and friendly. The vibe they have going on is laid back yet professional and the atmosphere is lovely. They are very eco-friendly as well, which we noticed by their use of bamboo straws for their beverages and we recommend KIKU Colombo for get-togethers, meetings and even dates. Also, the pictured menu above is simply their opening menu and KIKU has more up their sleeves for the near future, which we are very excited for!

Have you been to KIKU Colombo yet? Let us know in the comments!

Tip – They serve donuts on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


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