Restaurant Reviews Kang’s Kitchen

Kang’s Kitchen

2019 May 16

Open Time:

Monday to Saturday - 12 noon to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 9.30pm


28/1, Horton Place, Colombo 07


Right next to Coffee Bean - Maitland Crescent

Contact No

011 2 697 216


A little bit of Seoul in Colombo 

Hidden away down Maitland Crescent, keep your eyes out for Kang’s Kitchen – a relatively new Korean restaurant, serving up delicious homemade dishes that will leave you craving for more! Previously known as Seoul, Kang’s Kitchen rebranded approximately 7 months ago to bring you new and improved quality and service. 



On first sight, Kang’s Kitchen looks like a house that has been transformed into an eatery, giving off a very homely vibe. The place is adorned with ceramic ornaments, vases, paintings, gramophones and even a special wall dedicated to the famous Korean boy band – BTS! They have private rooms for separate functions as well. 

However, the best part about Kang’s Kitchen is their staff. The employees at Kang’s Kitchen are friendly, helpful and efficient! The owner personally made his way to our table to explain the dishes and drinks we ordered, helping us understand the amount of dedication that goes into their items. Additionally, the service at Kang’s Kitchen is top notch, especially if you visit on a raging tummy – since your food arrives within 10 minutes!


Kang’s Kitchen does not have a wide variety of drinks apart from their coffee, fresh juices and soft drinks. However, they do allow you to bring your own booze with corkage fees ranging from beer (LKR 100), Soju (LKR 200-500), wine (LKR 500), arrack (LKR 250) and hard liquor (LKR 1000). 

Shakerato – LKR 600

The Shakerato is namely an affogato, arriving to your table with ice cream and a shot of espresso. Upon mixing the espresso with the ice cream, we ended up with an incredible affogato that had a strong flavor of coffee mixed with (what we felt tasted like) a flavor of caramel candy. 

Cold Brew – LKR 500

We were told that Kang’s Kitchen ferments the coffee that is used in his item for more than a week, to enhance its flavor and aroma. Arriving in a tall glass, the Cold Brew is the coffee equivalent of iced tea. Rich in smell, this item was not overpowered with the taste of coffee but had just enough flavor to throw a punch. The drink was light, refreshing and definitely worth trying out. 

Lime Juice – LKR 400

Personally, I enjoyed the lime juice more than the previous two drinks. This item tasted more like lime soda, consisting of a strong lime concentrate mixed with carbonated water and lime slices. This drink has enough flavour to cut through the taste of food that lingers on your taste buds, serving as a great palate cleanser.




Chicken Kanpungi – LKR 1500

For LKR 1500, this dish is packed with a generous quantity of delicious deep fried chicken, bathed in a special sweet and spicy sauce and is adorned with dried chili and peanuts. The presentation was well done, making the dish look as appetizing as it tasted! The skin of the Kanpungi chicken was crispy with the right blend of salt and sweet! Biting into the crispy skin, you are greeted with equally flavorsome and succulent meat that will keep you going back for more! Definitely worth the money. 


Yakitori BBQ – LKR 1300

This dish consisted of four skewers if Yakitori chicken and fried garlic cloves, on a sizzling hot plate. For 1300, we expected a larger quantity; however taste-wise, the chicken was incredibly flavorsome. Once again, bathed in their special sauce, the Yakitori chicken was soft, juicy and succulent!


Bindaettok – LKR 1000

The Bindaettok is a Korean pancake, made with ground green grams, washed kimchi, cuttlefish and prawns. Known to be a sharing dish, it tasted quite similar to an omelette. This dish had a slight crunch to it with a layer of seafood, which we hoped would be more flavorful.




Kimchi Jigae – LKR 1200

The Kimchi Jigae is one of Korea’s most common stews, made with kimchi, vegetables, spring onions, seafood, pork and four large slices of tofu. This dish also comes with four side dishes (kimchi, fried egg, eggplant and sarana) along with a bowl of sticky rice. The tomato-based stew was slightly spicy and packed with flavor. The vegetables and spring onions contributed a different crunchy texture as opposed to the light stew and soft tofu. An interesting dish for those who want to try out something new!


Bibimbap (Beef)- LKR 1400

This dish was the high of my experience at Kang’s Kitchen. For LKR 1400, the Korean rice dish is bound to fill any hungry human up with its generous quantity! The beef bibimbap consisted of the same side dishes as the Kimchi Jigae, along with a bowl of fresh seaweed. The bowl of bibimbap is initially of a warm bed of sticky rice surrounded by a variety of vegetables, topped off with a bullseye egg. 
Interestingly enough, the term “bibimbap” means to mix different ingredients while “bap” refers to rice. The key of this dish is to mix all the elements well enough to enjoy all the incorporated flavors. Definitely on the top of my list!


Beef Gukshi – LKR 1400

The Beef Gukshi is a deep boiled beef broth mixed with vegetables and thin noodles. Compared to the other dishes we had, this dish was milder in flavour; yet delicious itself. The quantity was large enough for one person to enjoy the incredibly soft meat floating in a mildly salty broth with noodles boiled to perfection. 




All in all, we had a pretty good experience at Kang’s Kitchen! Personally, we feel like they could level up the interior of the restaurant to match the quality of the food the provide, but don’t let that stop you from dropping by!

Kang’s Kitchen has excellent service, delicious food and a knack for having its customers return for more. 

Tip: try the Bibimbap and the Chicken Kanpungi!


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