Restaurant Reviews Jah’s Hummus

Jah’s Hummus

2019 Sep 12

Open Time:

24 hours notice (Pre-order basis only)



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077 642 9727

Hummus in flavours that everyone will love!



Dips “Fit for the Gods” combines a classic recipe with modern twists for the foodie in everyone! Making healthier food options with a wider range of flavors accessible to Colombo, Jah’s currently offers five “Jahs” in their repertoire. Friendly and efficient in their deliveries, we find Jah’s Hummus to be a must try for all the foodies. We approve!




Classic Hummus – LKR 500



Hummus being a growing culture in Sri Lanka, very few get it right. However, the original hummus was one not to be missed amongst the variety of flavours that Jah’s Hummus offers. This healthy snack originating from the Middle East was wholesomely recreated to beat the rest in Colombo.



Sundried Tomato – LKR 600



A colourful and exciting option that pairs well with crackers, the sundried tomato hummus incorporates flavours inspired from Spain. Although the flavour of the tomato could be harder to taste being overpowered by the chickpeas, this dip is still one that sits well with a trained palette.



Smokey Red Pepper – LKR 600



Flavoursome and with a kick, the spicy “Jah” of the range, the Red pepper hummus is the way to go! Heaped with Greek yoghurt and olive oil, healthy looks pretty indulgent. Well-seasoned and smokey living up to its name, this is one flavour choice to look out for. (Also goes well on a cracker double dipped with the Pestommus)



Pestommus – LKR 600



With a playful name, the Pestommus was a unanimous favorite! The balanced flavour breaks through the hummus and adds texture to its consistency making this crowd pleaser sit well on the palette.



Beetroot Hummus – LKR 600



A deep mauve colour with sprinkled seasonings giving it a smokey hue, is a sweeter option than the rest. The beetroot hummus gives the entire range more variety for the palette to explore. Despite the slightly lumpier texture due to the beetroot pulp that is noticeable to an avid hummus consumer, this dip would be best paired with a well-seasoned cracker or food option to balance the flavours overall.




So there you have it, Pulse’s review of Jah’s Hummus. As fans of the Middle Eastern staple food, we totally approve and Jah’s Hummus is definitely Pulse recommended!