Restaurant Reviews Indulge Desserts Co.

Indulge Desserts Co.

2019 Mar 18

Open Time:

4 pm – 11 pm - Weekdays & Sunday | 4 pm – 12 am - Friday & Saturday


29/5, Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6


Right next to Fitness Island Store

Contact No



A sugary safari to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Joining the eateries down Stratford road is the quaint little dessert bar, Indulge Desserts Co. Although the outside little prepares for the indoor ambience, I must say it was a pleasant surprise when the staircase adjoining the ordering counter led us into a room that had a very vintage yet modernised setting.
Although a bit too cramped for space and thus lacking privacy based on the space between the tables, overall the ambience was amicable. Orders are to be given at the counter downstairs and one thing to keep in mind is that there is no sufficient parking space.
If you aren’t in the mood to dine in, they’re also on PickMe Foods (apart from the Ice Cream) and Uber Eats too.


Kit Kat Original – LKR 450

This particular drink was apparently their most popular and I had high expectations given that I’m a major Kit Kat Lover.

However, I was pretty disappointed to note that there was way too much milk, which led it to being extremely creamy, and I barely tasted the flavour of the chocolate. The chocolate is mainly at the bottom so best stir it before you drink to at least attempt to get some flavour.

Blue Lagoon – LKR 450

The drink was oceanic blue with bubbles rising to the surface, which made it look very cool and distinct and I was eager to have a taste of it because it looked so refreshing on such a warm day.

It had a very interesting mix of flavours with the zest of the blue Curacao alongside the mint. It had an overall strong punch to it, which lingered for a while and balanced out the sweetness of the rest of the dishes.

Overall, it complemented the dessert well and was super refreshing!

Apart from these, I found that the Hot Chocolates that they serve have a very interesting twist to it as they are actually flavoured!

With options such as Oreo Hot Chocolate and Galaxy Hot Chocolate, it would be interesting to see what it actually tasted like and we were told that they plan on expanding the varieties.


Chocolate Indulgence Bubble Waffle – LKR 800

The Bubble Waffles are the main attraction, as they are the first dessert bar to serve flat bubble waffles.

This particular item was presented well, and had Belgian white and milk chocolate, along with brownie pieces to give it that extra crunch. The chocolate was very rich and added a good burst flavour to the waffle. The Bubble Waffle itself didn’t have as much warmth or crunch as expected and I found it a bit too chewy.

All of their desserts are served with a side of homemade ice cream that is thus guaranteed to be fresh. The ice cream had a silky texture which melts in your mouth.

Cookies and Cream Crepe – LKR 800

The crepe was just thick enough to slice through with some effort but it would’ve been better had it been slightly thinner. The dish was plated with care, and had a mix of Belgian white chocolate and crushed Oreos, accompanied with the homemade ice cream.

The aroma matched the taste and, safe to say, we were more than happy with what was on the plate. Even those of you that aren’t born with a sweet tooth are bound to become fans of this dish.

Their Dessert menu also allows you to make your own dessert, with standard bases such as Crepes or Waffles. They have a very wide variety of toppings, albeit slightly pricey depending on how many toppings you want to add. Toppings range from Smarties to Sprinkles to fruits, nuts and marshmallows!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but hopefully with time they would be able to perfect the balance and texture of their dishes.

Have you been to Indulge Desserts Co yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Probably not the place for you if you need a lot of privacy, depending on whether it’s too crowded.


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