Restaurant Reviews Hoppa Galle Fort

Hoppa Galle Fort

2018 Nov 30

Open Time:

11.30 am - 9.30 pm


20, Pedlar Street, Galle


A few blocks down from Pedlar’s Cafe

Contact No

076 6403340


A local addition to Galle Fort’s dining scene!

Galle Fort is my most favourite place out of the whole of Sri Lanka. A different city, a different vibe, and the ideal location for a definite food adventure. As an avid foodie, the Galle Fort will always be my go-to because there is no place in Colombo to match the diversity the Fort offers.

Although the Fort is an icon of Sri Lankan history and culture, something this beautiful escape was missing was a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. Despite the alleys and streets flooding with local handcrafts, the food scene was significantly lacking a local represent. This is why I was quite glad to find Hoppa tucked down Pedlar’s street.

Hoppa at Galle Fort is not the only establishment by the brand in the vicinity. They’ve also got a cute Bed and Breakfast by the Unawatuna shores called the “Shore by Hoppa”.


Iced Tea – LKR 358
Despite being a lovely city, you’re usually tired and sweaty by the time you’ve spent a good few hours at the Fort. I too, did some random strolling before heading to Hoppa and I was exhausted by the time I got there, thanks to the blazing sun. The Iced Tea was a godsend.


Isso Vadai – LKR 515
I knew I had to try out the isso vadai the minute I saw it on the menu. I was served 4 fresh, crisp, and golden prawn vadai’s. These are much larger than Galle Face isso vadai but taste just as good.

Dried Shrimp Kos Madula – LKR 570

I’ve never had stuffed Kos Madula before so this dish was a first time experience for me. 5 fresh kos madula’s were stuffed with a vegetable and shrimp filling, fried till golden brown, and served with mayo and chili garlic sauce. Hoppa pays close attention to the plating of each dish. This too was served in a local banana leaf lined on a navy plate.


Chicken Currylicious Hoppa Set – LKR 1038
The Currylicious Hoppa Set is a meal consisting of their signature Karapincha Hopper and 2 plain hoppers. The choice of meat I went ahead with was chicken. They serve pol sambol, katta sambol, and seeni sambol with the meal. I have never had a hopper as thin, light, and crispy as I did at Hoppa. Now I get why they named the place “Hoppa” in the first place! The Karapincha hopper exceeded my expectations. The chicken curry was absolutely delicious. It wasn’t a spicy red curry; it was a flavourful curry boasting a diverse range of infused spices.

Cheese Hoppa – LKR 295

If you think an egg hopper is the best hopper invented, wait till you try a cheese hopper. Better yet, wait till you try the Cheese Hoppa at Hoppa! Loaded with lots of buffalo mozzarella in the center of the hopper, this is exactly the kind of hopper you’d have dreams about.

Galle Seafood Roti – LKR 925

I wasn’t going to go all the way to Galle and not be on a seafood buffet. After being pleasantly surprised with the fresh and crispy prawns in the isso vadai, I wanted more. The seafood roti pockets were stuffed with fresh curried prawns and were served with seeni sambol and a mussana dressing.

Chicken Rice and Curry – LKR 1060

Hoppa serves rice and curry only during lunch and it is 100% worth every cent you pay for it. I opted for the chicken rice and curry and boy was I satisfied. The rice (enough for 2 if you aren’t too hungry) came with 4 vegetable curries (parippu, mango curry, beans, and beetroot curry), papadam and a fried mixture, achcharu, and a generous bowl of the yummy chicken curry I had earlier with my hopper. I loved everything about this meal.


Treacle Hoppa – LKR 215

Even if you’re stuffed, I suggest you save some space for the Treacle Hoppa. This was a plain thin hopper drizzled with sweet country treacle and sprinkled with toasted cashew nuts.

Tip – Go to Hoppa for lunch and be sure to try out their rice and curry!


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