2018 Aug 6

Open Time:

Tuesday to Sunday, 8 am – 6 pm


6, 30 Col TG Jayawardena Mawatha, Colombo


Down Col T G Jayawardena Mawatha, Turn right after the Signature board (Chelsea Gardens) and take the first left

Contact No

0112 574 850


A versatile restaurant to get your yummy fix!

Holybelly, albeit very difficult to locate was such a pleasant surprise. From its minimalistic decor to the presentation of their dishes, this eatery really hits the spot! Holybelly aims to be family friendly with their kids’ area accompanied by a special kids menu. They also hope to open their top floor soon with a terrace and dining area there too. They strive to give their customers the best food experience with a vast variety of ingredients and options so we couldn’t wait to try what they had to offer.


Their fresh blends menu immediately caught our attention with the quirky names so of course we had to try some of them out.

Immunity Kick – LKR 490

Consisting of orange, apple and carrot the Immunity Kick was a balanced beverage which tasted citrusy but not so much so that the orange overpowered the entire drink. All the elements were very evident and the fact that it was healthy was an added bonus.

Liver Tonic – LKR 490

This tasted very earthy and the beetroot definitely overpowered the drink with a hint of celery which was quite disappointing because we were looking forward to tasting the pineapple, carrot and orange too. With no citrus element to it, this drink did not live up to our expectations flavour wise, but was still healthy nonetheless.

Choc Banana Split – LKR 590

Equipping banana, chocolate, low-fat milk, ice cream and sorbet, Holybelly does the liquid form of a perfect banana boat. This beverage was creamy and we were able to taste all the components, so, needless to say we loved this!


Nachos – LKR 720

This was the winning dish! Holybelly is definitely not stingy with the ingredients because this dish was packed with mushrooms, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, caramelized onions, avocado, salsa, rocket leaves, herbs and plenty of mozzarella. This starter is really worth your buck and I personally believe they can pass it off as main. SO. GOOD.

Salmon Salad in Thai Dressing – LKR 1250

Consisting of cucumber, mango, avocado, capers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions and salmon, this salad looked too pretty to eat. This dish had a perfect balance of flavours and the dressing was a great accompaniment, not too intense in flavour.


Mutton and Chick Pea Curry with Buttery Couscous – LKR 1200

Out of the mains we had, this was easily our favourite. The mutton was soft and the crunch of the chick pea went hand in hand producing an explosion of flavours. The curry was topped with coriander adding that extra bit of flavour the dish needed. The couscous was the ideal base for this dish and it was not too buttery. Worth the price!

Herb Chicken with Mash – LKR 750

The chicken was baked to perfection and while the herbs added flavour, the little garlic they topped it off with was too roasted and gave off an unpleasant taste when mixed with the gravy. Upon removing the garlic, the chicken and gravy tasted fine. The mash was lumpy which we disapproved of and we felt that the mash had sat out for a while because it tasted borderline stale. The salad however saved this dish comprising of rocket leaves and lettuce topped off with Thousand Island dressing.

All Day Breakfast Menu (8am – 6pm)

Meat Lover Omelette – LKR 960

This dish was alright. It was exactly what they described it to be: 2 eggs mixed with bacon, ham, sausage and cheddar cheese served with white bread, but the dish also consisted of chopped tomatoes and spring onions. It would be a nice meal for breakfast but this turned out to be the only dish we were doubtful as to whether it was worth the price.


Pancake with Banana, Nutella and Ice Cream – LKR 650

Yet again presentation was aesthetically pleasing and looked delectable as ever! A stack of three pancakes was sandwiched with Nutella, topped off with bananas (which were too ripe for my taste but I overlooked that), maple syrup and chopped almonds. The ice cream was not necessary but we were glad it was there. Sweet tooth is right! This dish was such a steal.


All in all we were very happy with the attentive and accommodating service at Holybelly and you feel right at home in the feel good atmosphere they have going on. Look out for the quirky posters and the cutest wallpaper!

Have you been to Holybelly yet? Let us know in the comments!

Tip – Try their Nachos! You won’t regret it.