Restaurant Reviews Health House by Fit Meals

Health House by Fit Meals

2018 Dec 17

Open Time:

Monday 6.30 pm - 11.30 pm | Tuesday - Friday 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm -11.30 pm | Saturday 12.30 pm - 11.30 pm


Horton Place, 08 Arunachalam Ave, Colombo 07


Down the side road to Taco Bell

Contact No

077 714 1786


Healthy and delicious!

Fit Meals has been in the health food industry for a while now as a home business that delivers their meals all around Colombo but they’ve finally opened up a very central restaurant for us all to have a taste of their healthy goodness. Located down Arunachalam Avenue, the restaurant is based behind a tea shop (that donates a portion of their profit to charity so be sure to check that out too!) and has quite a few indoor and outdoor seating options. The menu has lot of variation from salads to wraps to pasta, all of which are marked with the calories and proteins that each dish contains so if you’re watching your intake, this place makes dieting that much easier.


Their drinks are all sugar-free and are sweetened with natural ingredients like honey and dates which was a huge plus!

Mango Juice – LKR 350

Thick and rich, the mango juice tasted fresh and, because of the lack of artificial sweeteners, tasted super healthy too. It’s quite a large portion as well and is refreshing when paired with a Health House meal.

Avo-Banana Smoothie – LKR 550

The Avo-Banana was a delicious blend of avocado, banana, honey, milk, and dates. Full of natural ingredients, this was quite filling and good to have separately too.


Roast Pumpkin Dip with Grilled Beef – LKR 550
Not being the biggest fan of pumpkin, this dish took me entirely by surprise. The dip usually comes alone for LKR 300 but with the grilled beef add-on for LKR 250, the elements really come together. Topped with pomegranate and gotukola leaves and served with a side of flat bread, the pumpkin is well-seasoned and pureed until smooth and velvety. The grilled beef is done just right and is nice and succulent with lots of flavour complementing the dish. Pumpkin is also supposed to be high in fibre and low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium so having something this delicious for such a great price and great health benefits is a win!


Chicken and Peanut Wrap – LKR 550
Served with a side of fresh house salad and pumpkin dip, the wrap was unfortunately, not a favourite of the night. Though the chicken was tender and well-seasoned, there was not a lot of peanut flavour and the wrap was a little on the dry side. If we went into it without expectations I suppose it would have tasted good but it didn’t taste as good as we would have like it to. The house salad, however, was delicious with the mixed greens bringing a fresh kick to the dish.

Health House Ratatouille – LKR 650

Now here’s a dish that’s a winner. A delicious combination of eggplant, pumpkin, bell peppers, and onions cooked in a tomato sauce, the ratatouille was rich and flavourful, bringing in quite a few sophisticated textures and sending our taste buds on a trip! It was served with steamed basmati rice and a bit of pumpkin dip as well. Not a lot of places in Colombo serve ratatouille but Health House definitely does it right!

Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Bowl – LKR 850

Coming to the star of the evening, this dish is a little on the heavier side due to the steamed basmati and tonne of protein, but is as tasty as it is filling. It would be an understatement to say that the whole affair is bursting with flavour because each element of the dish was just amazing! The broccoli and beef were a great pairing and in the mix there were also peppers, onions and mushrooms, with the teriyaki glaze combining everything into a symphony of flavours. 10/10 would recommend.

The service at Health House is quite friendly with the food coming to your table in about 10 minutes. They also have a sick sound set-up with a really cool playlist so it’s a super chilled out location to grab a bite.

Have you been to Health House yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Tip – even if you aren’t vegan, do try out their ratatouille!


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