Happi Foods

2019 Mar 19

Open Time:

11am – 11pm


4, Bullers Lane, Colombo 07 (Cajun on Wheels)


Where Cajun on Wheels is located, opposite the Embassy of Egypt

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Authentic Singaporean serving up chicken rice for days!

Cajun on Wheels is home to Happi Foods, the newest kid on the block offering authentic Singaporean dishes. Basically how it works is, you get the Happi Foods menu too, along with the C.O.W. menu so you can take your pick!
Happi Foods advocates local produce so while they make genuine Singaporean treats; they do so by trying their best to stick to local ingredients. Happi Foods specialises in chicken rice, but they serve other delicacies as well. Here’s what we tried!


All the dishes we tasted included a complementary soup which was an aromatic chicken broth which really hits the spot and a homemade dip which was a superb rice puller.

Char Siew Chicken Rice – LKR 600
The clear winner of the three types of Chicken Rice we tried was the Char Siew Chicken Rice. It consisted of roasted chicken strips which had been seasoned for long, steamed rice, sliced tomatoes and cucumber, the complimentary soup and dip. All the components blended together perfectly to make a satisfying meal full of flavour!

Roasted Chicken Rice – LKR 600

This dish came with a full chicken leg which was seasoned and roasted, cut up into convenient slices. The rice was flavoursome and with the help of the dip, this dish also pulled through. The veggies added a nice crunch in contrast to the buttery rice.

Steamed Chicken Rice – LKR 600

This dish was quite off-putting because while the rest of the components of the dish remained the same as the ones we tasted before, the chicken leg was steamed with skin on and tasted very bland. We recommend pouring the soup on the rice and mixing the dip in as well to aid the taste of the chicken. We hope Happi Foods improves on this and makes the dish more flavourful.

La Mien Chicken Noodle Soup – LKR 600

Singaporean comfort food at its finest! The La Mien Chicken Noodle Soup was reminiscent of Ramen noodles, but hits closer to home. The dish consisted of cubed veggies like radish, carrots, celery, and there was plenty of shredded chicken making this dish really worth it. The strands of noodles were soft and made the dish quite filling too. The broth used for the noodle soup tasted a lot like what accompanied the chicken rice we ordered and did wonders for the dish! Definitely a must try as a pick-me-up!


Since Happi Foods just started up, we were pleased with the incorporation of Singaporean dishes and their initiative to go local. They definitely need to fine-tune some dishes so we hope to see more improvement in this area.

The staff was super friendly and very well versed with the menu too, so the ordering process was seamless.

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Tip – Try the Char Siew Chicken Rice!