Halo Diner

2019 Mar 5

Open Time:

Monday and Thursday – Saturday: 9:30 am to 9:30 pm | Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm | Closed on Sunday


31A, Sea Avenue, Colombo 03


Opposite Crescent Cleaners

Contact No



A chic café offering Lankan inspired soul food!

Halo Diner, adjoining Bunky Monkey Hostels, is a great little café down Sea Avenue offering food that hits super close to home! They also have a rooftop bar and restaurant which opens up at 5:30, especially since these days it’s incredibly warm. Their menu integrates Lankan comfort food with Western soul food!
Halo is also BYOB guys, while the corkage fee is LKR 600 per bottle and the bill has to add up to LKR 1000. Also, for wine and beer there is no corkage fee charged!


Lemon Ice Tea – LKR 300

This drink was absolutely refreshing! Ideal to beat the heat, the Lemon Ice Tea that Halo offers has an evident taste of lemon with a hint of infused black tea, giving the beverage that zesty kick. Although we preferred the Lime and Mint Black Tea a little more, this drink won’t leave you disappointed.

Lime and Mint Black Tea – LKR 300

The Lime and Mint Black Tea really hit the spot! Although the taste of mint was fainter than we expected, there was plenty of lime to go around. This beverage is a must have for those who love ice tea; it will definitely leave you wanting more!


Soya Eating Here? – LKR 200

Grab your friends, get a few beers and head over to Halo Diner simply to try the cheapest bite you can find in Colombo which is totally worth your buck! Also, it’s soya so even vegetarians can enjoy this Lankan favourite. This dish was so flavoursome and each soya bean was oozing with aromatic juices. Highly recommend this!


Lock Stock Barrel Fries – LKR 850

Did someone ask for comfort food? The Lock Stock Barrel Fries consisted of thick cut fries loaded with minced chicken, cheese, and Halo’s special sauce. The slow cooked minced chicken hits close to home and combined well with this filling dish. However, we expected more cheese due to the dish’s price, but instead there was one slice of cheese torn up and sprinkled on top of the fries. In terms of flavour though, this dish came through, and Halo’s special sauce worked like a charm.

Bacon N’ Egg Fried Rice – LKR 450

This filling dish came with a side of chilli paste, a sunny side up, and mixed rice with bacon for days! Halo is not stingy with their bacon! The rice was seasoned well and the chilli paste was a total rice puller. The egg was made well with a perfect runny yolk too! It would have been nice to have a side of gravy or at least the option, so maybe that is something Halo can work on.

We So Cheesy – LKR 650

Did we mention how much we love the funky names of the dishes? We So Cheesy consisted of a generous portion of penne and cubes of chicken bathed in what was supposed to be a cheesy sauce. However, while there was a faint taste of cheese, there was more cream which made the dish super heavy. Nevertheless, the pasta was seasoned well, the chicken was tender and the sauce was quite good.

Chicken Fried Rice – LKR 650

For 650 bucks, the portion of fried rice we were served was massive! This big portion is available all day while their small portion is available only during lunch time. This dish came with four chicken pieces, chicken gravy, chilli paste, yet another perfect sunny side up, and a heap of rice. The chicken curry was made exactly how you would want your Lankan chicken curry to taste. More than enough for three or four people, the Chicken Fried Rice will get you your money’s worth.


Nutella Roast – LKR 350

While we would have loved to try their Kimbula stuffed with Nutella, it wasn’t available so we went for the next best thing on the menu. Halo makes every Lankan Nutella lover’s dream come true with their Nutella Roast. This was basically a hefty serving of Nutella spread sandwiched inside a fresh, crispy grilled roast paan, with more Nutella drizzled on top. You can even opt for an add-on of peanut butter for LKR 100 which we didn’t go for, and we still recommend the Nutella Roast!

Taking everything into consideration, Halo Diner has done a stellar job at incorporating Sri Lankan flavours into their menu and while the space downstairs is quite small, the homely vibe is very evident and you feel nothing but relaxed as you enter. Service was great and the owners are super friendly and accommodating as well!

There are also books to keep you occupied if you’re looking for some me-time, and even board games to play with the gang.

Have you been to Halo Diner yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – They only accept cash for now, but they are working on accepting card payments soon!


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