Grill Mansion

2019 Nov 13

Open Time:

5 PM - 12 AM


15, Abdul Hameed Street, Colombo 12


Opposite the Aluthkade police post

The kind of street food you dream about!


Hulftsdorp is known for having some of the best street food Colombo has to offer. Four months ago a new shop opened down Abdul Hammed Street and they are taking things to a whole new level. The Grill Mansion is a small establishment nestled among the hustle and bustle of the street but they deliver big when it comes to flavour and satisfaction!

In a road full of street food shops that look like street food shops Grill Mansion stands out with its stylish and colourful interior. It’s a small space with a few tables outside but that’s what street food is all about. The staff was friendly, the service was fast and the food…we’ll get to that in a bit.



Chocolate Milkshake – LKR 220

A good chocolate milkshake can at times be the best thing ever and the chocolate milkshake delivers on most of our expectations. The chocolate flavour is just right and it’s not too sweet. Although I would have liked it to have been a bit creamier as an accompaniment for what was to come, it was enjoyable.



Chicken Wings

Whether it’s for a starter or a snack chicken wings are one of those things everyone loves and Grill Mansion serves up some wicked wings. The chicken is well marinated and flavourful. It’s fried to perfection where there are crispy bits without the meat being too dry.


BBQ Wings – LKR 190

BBQ is one of those flavours that you have to get right or else it’s a nightmare. The BBQ wings served were nothing short of perfect. It was the perfect balance between sweet, tangy and savoury. The sauce was glistening and stuck to the chicken making it for a perfect snack.


Sweet Chili Wings – LKR 160

The kick of spice with a subtle foundation of sweet makes for one perfect chicken wing sauce. There was a slight mint flavour which was not expected but was amazing! This is perfect for those who want some heat but are not prepared for a full-on spice attack.


Spicy Wings – LKR 160

This was the best! The sauce was intensely spicy leaving a tingle in my mouth after eating it and I loved it. The spice clung to the chicken and somehow managed to bring out more flavour to make this something truly satisfying.




GM King Burger (Chicken) – LKR 470

A good chicken burger is staple when it comes to a good night out and the hefty burger that was served played to all our expectations. To start off the burger was BIG and the patty was succulent. The toppings which included cheese and pickles helped bring everything together to make a burger which was truly amazing.


Royal Beef Burger – LKR 410

This was honestly the best burger I had in a long time! Like the chicken burger, it was huge and the patty was cooked to perfection with crispy grilled bits combined with the succulent patty. The combination of all the toppings made for one authentic diner-style burger where sweet, savoury and spicy melded together to create perfection



Beef Sub – LKR 480

A submarine is said to be the perfect sandwich so I expect a lot out of it and I was totally satisfied with this one. It was full of tender and flavourful beef with cheese and caramelized onions to bring everything together. When it comes to flavour it was quite simple but was oh so satisfying.



Tres Leches – LKR 150

This was the perfect end to a meal. The Tres Leches was super sweet, decedent and everything I wanted it to be. The cake, although moist, had a good structure and paired with the whipped cream delivered perfectly on texture.


Grill Mansion is all about convenience, flavour and delivering some of the best damn street food in Colombo. If you’re in the area in the evening and looking for a quick bite, I recommend that you have Grill Mansion on your list.

Tip – You have to try their Royal Beef Burger


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