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Great Wall Restaurant

2019 Apr 8

Open Time:

11:30am to 3pm | 6:30pm to 11pm (till 12am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


3, Edward Lane, Colombo 3.


Behind Pearl Grand, opposite Wijaya Gems

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Great Wall Restaurant introduces fusion Kotthu!

Great Wall Restaurant has been around for really long now and having heard “great” (excuse the pun guys) things about their food, we decided to drop by and try out some of their dishes. The Great Wall Colpetty branch, which we visited, has one banquet hall (can accommodate 50 pax) and two private rooms: Golden Lotus (can accommodate 15 pax) and Jade (can accommodate 25 pax). What’s great is that you don’t need to pay extra for the rooms, just for the food you order.
They also deliver through their own delivery service, and Uber Eats. They also offer outdoor catering! The Asian food chain has now introduced kotthu to their menu, so along with their other dishes we tried out some of their fusion kotthu as well. Also note that apart from the kotthu, we ordered the small portions for the rest of the dishes.


Great Wall Breeze – LKR 350
This concoction of cucumber, lime, mint and Sprite was so good! The drink was very refreshing and the perfect aid to beat the heat. Definitely a must have alongside their dishes as it goes with just about anything!


Tom Yum Seafood – LKR 843.48

This soup was made to perfection. With a pleasant zesty taste, this hearty dish arrived warm with seafood for days!

Dynamite Shrimp – LKR 748

Batter-fried until crisp, the Dynamite Shrimp was seasoned well. Its name however derives from the accompanying dip which was made of orange (zest and juice) and mayonnaise, and gave a zing to the dish! It could be a little overpowering but it really depends on how much you consume in one bite.


Great Wall Special Fried Rice – LKR 713

Made using soft Basmati rice, plenty of cubed fish, cuttlefish, shrimp and more, this should definitely be your go-to staple at Great Wall! We loved how the rice was made well with the right amount of seasoning.

Chilli Chicken with Cashew Nuts – LKR 869.56

Super generous with the cashew, Great Wall did not disappoint! The soft and tender chicken contrasted well with the crunchy cashew. Definitely a must have since it was very wholesome and would be great as comfort food.

Pork Belly with 5 Spices – LKR 817.39

While this dish was absolutely flavoursome as the name connotes, the pork was chewier than we would have liked. They were definitely not stingy with the pork though; there was plenty to go around!

Thai Style Fish Fillet – LKR 973.92

The best dish we tried! Great Wall does a great Thai Style Fish Fillet which will definitely leave you wanting more. The fish was cooked thoroughly and they nailed the Thai flavour. There was plenty of gravy too, so for those who love pouring some gravy over your rice this one is for you!

Hot Butter Lotus Root – LKR 721

Super intrigued by this particular dish, we had to try it! To our pleasant surprise this dish tasted amazing! It was crunchy, spicy and juicy too. It was spicier than most of the other dishes though, so this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Black Pepper Mutton – LKR 982

This is where Great Wall disappointed. Was this mutton, chicken or beef? We couldn’t tell because the pepper truly overpowered the entire dish. To our dismay, there was way too much pepper added, so we really hope they improve on this front.

Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey – LKR 539.13

Consisting of an array of veggies like beans, young corn, mushrooms, cabbage, and carrot, this was super yummy, and from their vegetarian dishes this was a great buy! This dish had plenty of gravy to go around as well.

Sizzling Prawns – LKR 765.22

Off their sizzling selection, we tried Great Wall’s Sizzling Prawns. The dish was very aromatic and the prawns were cooked rather well. However, we would have loved the dish more if the prawns were deveined, but that’s just our preference.

Devilled Chicken Kotthu – LKR 700

On to the latest additions to their menu, Great Wall’s Devilled Chicken Kotthu was very interesting in terms of flavour. The chicken was soft and there was also a hint of sweet essence. We believe it stemmed from the soy sauce added. This was our second favourite out of the kotthu dishes we tried!

Black Pepper Beef Kotthu – LKR 750

In contrast to the Black Pepper Mutton we tried, Great Wall came through with their Black Pepper Beef Kotthu! The amount of pepper added was just right and the beef was cooked well. This particular kotthu was the spiciest out of the lot but the kind of spicy our Sri Lankan palates are accustomed to.

Indonesian Prawn Kotthu – LKR 900

Plenty of prawns were added into this hefty kotthu which made it worth the price! We truly experienced the fusion aspect of it all with this kotthu. For those of you who love Indomie Noodles, this one is for you since the hint of Indonesian cuisine is very prominent with this one, and we love how they aced Lankan alongside Indonesian.

Mixed Seafood Thai Kotthu – LKR 1000

The winning kotthu! This dish is a MUST TRY guys, because it was SO GOOD! There was plenty of prawns and cuttlefish mixed in with the veggies and of course the kotthu rotti. With ideal seasoning and a very evident Thai flavour, this dish definitely delivers in terms of fusion kotthu. Pulse recommends!


Fried Ice Cream – LKR 348

Out of the two desserts we tried this was easily the better dish. There were 3 layers to this unique dessert: the innermost layer being a scoop of vanilla ice cream, covered with plain chocolate cake, encapsulated by a batter made with orange zest. Take a spoonful of all 3 layers to get the ultimate taste of soft ice cream, warm cake and crispy batter.

Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream – LKR 398
Unfortunately this dessert did not deliver. The brownie was quite bitter and if not for the accompanying ice cream, this dish would have failed. The sizzling quality of the dish is probably what rendered the brownie bitter so we hope Great Wall fixes this, because it had so much potential.

Taking everything into consideration, we had a hearty and wholesome meal at Great Wall Restaurant and their staff was SO friendly and accommodating. Also, the extent to which they were fluent with the menu was highly impressive. We cannot wait to go back!

Have you been to Great Wall Restaurant yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Try their new range of Kotthu! Their take on this Lankan favourite will leave you wanting more!


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