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Ginza On The Edge

2017 Oct 18

Open Time:

11.30 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.


316 Pannipitiya Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


Waters Edge

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A treat of sakes and sushis!

Ginza has been in operation for over 30 years now. They’ve been based at the Hilton Colombo for 27 years and is now at the Water’s Edge, Battaramulla. They just celebrated 30 years in existence since 1987. Ginza is a fine dining establishment and is on the pricier end. The dining area is beautiful and we were particularly impressed with the new Teppanyaki Grills they have set up that operate simultaneously as you dine. 

Bonus tip: Monday to Wednesday, they serve wine/sake on the house! The staff too, is very nice and very accommodating. I was also lucky to have a small chat with the owner of the place; he is an avid foodie and is very passionate about the Japanese Cuisine and is intent on delivery nothing best to his customers.


Samurai – Rs. 740

Samurai is a mix of Sake, Vodka, Blue Curacao and lime juice. In Aanisha’s words, “a recipe for disaster”. It wasn’t too disastrous, because the alcohol wasn’t as overpowering as expected. Blue Curacao has a way of beautifying absolutely anything; this Cocktail is a beautiful island blue and tasted refreshing.

Shochu – Rs. 740

The Shochu was a mix of Sake, Campari and lychee juice and was one I was eager to try out as per my love for Lychee. The cocktail looked cute and it was a pastel hue of pink. But, in terms of taste it leaves an undertone of bitterness at the end that we weren’t fans of.

Sake by the glass: Gekkeikan Cold – Rs. 960

I was particularly fascinated by the presentation of the cold Sake. It’s a shot of Sake sitting on a red and black square container.

Sake by the glass: Gekkeikan Hot – Rs. 980

My little shot of hot sake was enough for me to get the night started (P.S. This was a Thursday. Weekend, where ya at).


Nigiri: Nigiri Ume- Rs. 2740

The Nigiri Ume is a selection of 7 types of sushi and a tuna roll. The choice of 7 is upto Chef’s disclosure. We got a few tuna rolls accompanied with prawn, salmon and squid nigiri to name a few.


Futo Maki – Rs. 1340

The Futo Maki is a maki that’s crammed with prawn, crab stick, cucumber, kampyo and shiitake mushrooms. The Futo Maki wasn’t too much of a favorite. The mushroom was slightly on the dry end and it didn’t impress us as much as the Mexican Maki did.

Mexican Maki -Rs. 1370

The Mexican Maki, as interesting as the name sounds, is tempura prawns with Spicy Crab paste. The Mexican Maki was a treat, as expected. The prawns were thinly shredded and wrapped up with a paste of spicy crab.

Tepanyaki: Ginza Special Course – Rs. 7400

The Ginza special course was a feast that comprises of a plate of food inclusive of Australian tenderloin lobster, chicken, seer, squid and vegetables. We had Chef Ajith, a veteran chef at Ginza on the edge, fire up the grill for us. What a sight! We were asked to dip the veggies in a yellow based sauce and the meat in a soy sauce based one.

The first we tried was some fresh shiitake mushroom. The flavor combination in the glaze was the most interesting. The next in line was the squid, bathed in butter that created a shiny glaze. We were definitely very content with our fair share. The seer was by a long shot the most tender, I’ve had. It was succulent on the inside but bathed with flavour on the out. The next was a succulent and tender slice of chicken. It was so soft and worked so well with the sauces. The next element, the lobster, was definitely the star. The chef had a little fire play pre-lobster that set the stage for something pretty dramatic to follow. The feast concluded with a preparation of flavour cup garlic rice and teriyaki chicken.

Case in point, this course is very filling for two. If you find yourself at Ginza, you’ve got to order off the live Teppanyaki grill.

A la carte:

Tempura Moriawase – Rs. 1730

The Tempura Moriawase is batter fried assorted seafood and vegetables served with tempura sauce. The Tempura was a 10/10. The prawn tails were super crunchy, albeit being covered up in oil. They weren’t too generous on the vegetables here though.

Tonkatsu – Rs. 1645

The Tonkatsu was what we were most excited about. It was crumbled and deep fried pork served with tonkatsu sauce. The Tonkatsu was exciting to try as it was a stretch of meaty pork deep fried to glory. It was accompanied by a BBQ based sauce, that we loved!


Hohsen Delight – Rs. 490

Hohsen delight is a bowl of vanilla ice cream, mixed fruits with chocolate sauce and nuts. It was more of a Sri Lankan fruit salad with ice cream but with a slightly elevated twist of sophistication.

Matcha ice cream – Rs. 450

I scream for green tea ice cream! It was intensely creamy and had hints of green tea flavour in every bite. There’s not too many places that serve Matcha ice-cream in Sri Lanka, and this was definitely higher up in the ranks.

Tempura Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce – Rs. 400

Tempura ice cream is always so interesting because it’s a blob of ice cream deep fried to glory. The chocolate sauce on top didn’t sog the scoop up and worked well together.

Have you been to Ginza yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip:Be sure to order off the Teppanyaki section in the menu. Watching the Chef fire up the grill right in front of your eyes is a sight indeed! 


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