Ginza Hohsen

2019 Feb 13

Open Time:

11am – 11pm


64, Lotus Road, Colombo 1


Opposite Kingsbury Hotel, next to the Galadari entrance

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Ginza reopens at Galadari Hotel!

Ginza Hohsen, previously known as Ginza on the Edge while it was situated at Waters Edge, has now reopened at Galadari.
Browsing through the menu, we had a tough time deciding what to order, but the staff made it a breeze. Therefore, most of the items mentioned below came highly recommended.


Arrack Cocktail – LKR 900

Consisting of arrack, lime juice, passion fruit juice, sugar syrup, and soda, this drink had a perfect balance. The taste of arrack was strong but not unbearable and the fruit juices made the cocktail pleasant and yummy.

Mai Tai – LKR 900

This cocktail looked and tasted super tropical. Inclusive of white triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice and grenadine syrup, this drink had an undertone of citrus flavour. We recommend this for those souls looking to relax after a long day of work.

Shochu – LKR 1100

Concocted using sake, Campari and lychee juice, this cocktail is meant for those of you who are adventurous and like trying out unique drinks. The combination was both odd and interesting and while we were able to take a few sips, we simply could not finish this drink as our palates were not accustomed to it.

Cinderella (Mocktail) – LKR 480

Eager to try out a mocktail as well, we went ahead with the Cinderella, intrigued by the name. Containing banana, pineapple juice, orange juice, and mango juice, this drink was fruity and flavoursome. Each element was evident making it a perfect blend. We loved this!


Spicy Tuna Maki– LKR 980

What’s a Japanese meal without some great sushi? The raw tuna, siracha, and mayonnaise made up compact and flavoursome sushi rolls. Dip it in the soya sauce they provide, add a little bit of wasabi, and you’re good to go!

Kalpa Salad – LKR 800

Named after one of Ginza’s loyal customers, the Kalpa salad was a combination of crab, tempura prawns, lettuce, and avocado with a drizzle of spicy ginger sauce. With each bite there was an explosion of flavours in my mouth and there was plenty of seafood to go around. We highly recommend this colourful dish!

Kimchi Nabe (Seafood) – LKR 1600

This dish was basically a hot pot of assorted vegetables and an abundance of seafood. It arrived at our table steaming and aromatic. It would be the perfect treat if you’re sick and would be ideal in cold weather. The portion is quite large too, and definitely not meant for one person. Also, they have different versions of Kimchi Nabe on their menu so check the rest out as well.


Chikin Katsu Don – LKR 1600

We had high hopes for this dish, considering the various components it had. While there was plenty of chicken (more than enough for one person) sitting on a bed of rice, the flavour of the chicken was overpowered by the soya sauce it was lathered in. It was too salty but the sticky rice and pickle, which came on the side, were good attempts at diminishing this flavour. The miso soup, however, which was an accompaniment, was warm and wholesome with balanced flavours.

Beef Teriyaki – LKR 4800

Although the price may seem steep, the steak used was Australian tenderloin so it was quite worth it. This dish was the clear winner of our meal! The steak was super juicy, succulent and grilled to perfection. We opted for medium rare, and Ginza delivered, The steak was bathed in teriyaki sauce, but not so much so that it overpowered the overall flavour of the dish. The beef was accompanied by boiled carrots and deep fried garlic slices which added an extra crunch.

Shogayaki – LKR 1810

Shoga meaning ginger and yaki meaning to fry, this dish had sliced pork which was pan-fried with ginger sauce. Ginza is consistent with their portions and we were glad they were not stingy with the meat. The pork was topped off with sautéed onions and the dish was served with a side of cabbage. The cabbage acted as a palate cleanser to the pork.

Yakitori Bento Set – LKR 2500

We thought this dish was a total steal! This Bento Set consisted of an assortment of sliced raw fish, grilled chicken, and bell pepper on skewers, a hefty portion of steamed rice, batter fried tempura prawns, miso soup, pickle, and slices of fruit. The set was a meal in itself and we highly recommend this. If yakitori is not what you prefer, Ginza has got you covered because they have a wide variety of Bento Sets.


Assorted Ice Cream – LKR 600

The assorted ice cream had three scoops of unique flavours of ice cream. Unfortunately, two of the three scoops had melted even after we were made to wait for over half an hour for our dessert to arrive at the table.

Firstly, the kuro goma which was basically a black sesame ice cream tasted quite nice with the creamy texture contrasting with the crunch of the black sesame seeds. Next, we had the machcha which was easily the winning scoop and tasted super creamy with a green tea undertone. Finally, we tasted the azuki flavour which was an ice cream made of red mung beans. This was on the chewy side but had a generous garnish atop the scoop.

While the food was great, we were slightly disappointed with the service and ambience. They’ve opened up but their air conditioning did not work properly. We visited for lunch, so needless to say it was sunny, and since Ginza is a wide open space the heat seeped in making their effort in cooling the place futile.

With regards to the service, while the waiters were attentive and fluent with the menu, our wait time was around 20 minutes for the drinks and over an hour for the food.

We really hope that these turn of events are solely due to the fact that they just opened up and are getting accustomed to the new location, and we are looking forward to improvements on this front in the near future!

Have you been to Ginza Hohsen yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Try the Kalpa Salad and Beef Teriyaki


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