Restaurant Reviews Garton’s Ark

Garton’s Ark

2018 Nov 8

Open Time:

7-11pm daily, sails from 8.00pm to 10.30pm


Urban Wetland Park/Weli Park, Nawala.


Docked at Urban Wetland Park/Weli Park, Nawala.

Contact No

0112 818 633


Nautical dining experience on Diyawanna Oya.



Garton’s Ark offers a unique dining experience aboard a sailing restaurant as it makes its way down Diyawanna Oya, coupled with a spaciously open air lounge on the top deck and a buffet dinning area at the bottom. With a delicious bounty of food (each more delicious than the last), their menu offerings make for a dining experience you’ll never forget!






Virgin Colada

This mocktail is the perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess to kick off the night. Made from fresh pineapples and coconut cream, Garton’s Ark really kicks it with this tropical classic.


Mint Lemonade

This cool refreshing minty twist to lemonade is the perfect drink to cleanse your palate.




On Plate: Chicken Canopy, Shrimp Canopy, Thai Beef Salad


The chicken canopy is immersed in a glass of dipping to go with it, which is a great starter to nibble on as you get your digestive juices flowing. You can also opt for a sea food version of the chicken canopy, which is just as delicious! Next up, the beef salad is yet another delicious savory addition to the menu for meat lovers to indulge in.




On plate: Buttered Spaghetti with Cheese Sauce and a side of Sweet & Sour Mixed Food

The hot buttered spaghetti served as a perfect cradle for the decadent melted cheese sauce served alongside it, we also added our own twist to it with a side of sweet and sour mixed seafood.


On Plate: Assortment of Barbecue Items


The Barbecue menu included an assortment of meats, including seafood, chicken and sausages grilled with a deeply aromatic seasoning that doesn’t mask any flavor.
We also had the opportunity to try a platter of some options including the garlic spicy prawn, mixed seafood kebab and of course, grilled chicken.

Additionally, we also tried out the usual Sri Lankan evening comfort food; kotthu, plain and egg hoppers!





On Plate: Strawberry Mousse, Assorted Swiss Rolls, Caramel Pudding and Dark Forest Chocolate Cake


Garton’s Ark has an array of assorted mousse which comes in a variety of flavors. We chose the strawberry mousse which represents a wonderfully soft, fluffy and creamy dessert that is fit for any occasion!

The assorted Swiss rolls consisted of strawberry rolls and chocolate & vanilla Swiss rolls. We recommend the strawberry roll out of the lot since the chocolate & vanilla didn’t taste as good as it looked.

If anything, Garton’s Ark has a dessert menu that will certainly ensure that you won’t go home disappointed.


Amidst the good food, what’s special about Garton’s Ark is that you can also enjoy yourself with the lively and interactive scene alongside music from their famous Calypso band (available on weekend buffets) and DJ, to keep your blood pumping!

Garton’s Ark mostly operates on an À la carte basis, whereas the buffet is available from Friday to Sunday. They also have a budget buffet (priced at LKR 2400 per head) on Tuesdays! 



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Tip –The Virgin Colada is a must try!