Restaurant Reviews Gardenia Coffe Shop at Ramada

Gardenia Coffe Shop at Ramada

2019 Jul 12

Open Time:

24 hours a day


No.30,Sir Mohomed Macau Markar Mawatha, Colombo 03.


Towards the land side from the Galle Face roudabout

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A culinary treasure under our noses


Ramada (or The Holiday Inn as is used to be called) has been a part of the Colombo skyline for decades and its part of the city’s rich identity. As one of Colombo’s leading hotels Ramada offers up a plethora of amazing experiences and one such is the culinary adventure that is the Gardenia Coffee Shop.


Situated right on the ground floor of the hotel, overlooking the pool this “cafe” is much more than a café. It has a relaxed yet classy atmosphere that will be perfect to grab a quick bite for lunch or a part of a night out.


Whether you are going for a classic like a kottu or dipping into their amazing Japanese menu the unique combination of the café entwined with a touch of fine dining will surely be an experience worth remembering.




Banana and Honey Milkshake – LKR 550


This monster of a drink made my inner child extremely happy! The serving itself was gigantic and even though honey was the main component of it the milkshake was not overly sweet and all the flavours melded together creating a drink that I will dream about for weeks to come.


Watermelon Juice – LKR 500


This was the simplest thing we were served but it was by no means something we forgot about. Amidst all the richness of the meal the light freshness of the watermelon juice was truly an oasis and even though it was simple, the drink was done well.




Prawn Cocktail – LKR 960


A prawn cocktail is a classic starter and although this was not the most impressive prawn cocktail I’ve had it was still quite good and was a wonderful overture to the meal to come. It was light, fresh and there was a lot of it.


Sashimi (Maguro) – LKR 650


Although I am not the biggest fan of sashimi what was offered to us looked so stunning that I had to give it a taste and it was amazing! Although there was a slight fishy flavour it was not a deal breaker and I for one loved it.


Dragon Roll – LKR 750

There was no dragon in sight but the delicate prawn roll made up for it and although it was full of flavours and textures it was not too heavy on the stomach and was easily my favourite starter of them all.





Mount of Lamb Poriyal – LKR 1500


The dish was exactly what the same said, a huge mountain of lamb on a bed of milk rice and IT WAS HEAVEN! The best thing I had in a long time the unlikely combination of lamb curry and milk rice blew my socks off. The meat was tender and bursting with flavour, the portion was huge, and it ticked off all the boxes for me.


Wakadori Teriyaki (Chicken) – LKR 750


Chicken Teriyaki is a classic and this classic was done exceptionally well by the chefs and being a big fan of chicken I loved every morsel of it. This wonderful dish of the Japanese menu delivered exceptionally well and I highly recommend it.


Slow Roast Beef – LKR 2500


Having beef that disintegrates upon contact with a fork is truly a pleasure and although Sri Lankan beef is known to be on the tough side the chefs had to put in some extra effort to make sure that things end up this way. The dish was bursting with flavour and the parsley rice that accompanied this dish was good enough to be eaten alone.


Chicken Katsu Curry – LKR 850


This was a dish that came highly recommended but sadly it was not up to the hype. The chicken was amazing and the curry had a charm of its own but compared to the flavour explosion which was the rest of the meal this did not do it for me.




Buffalo Curd Panna Cotta – LKR 700


After a feast, the prospect of desserts seemed scary but the moment this culinary artwork was brought to the table we were somehow able to eat more. The dessert itself was light and refreshing and the sauces that accompanied it (strawberry, orange and chocolate) took it to a whole new level.


Dark and White Chocolate Parfet – LKR 650

Speaking of stunning desserts this little dish was too pretty to dig into so we just spent some time admiring how it looked. The combination of dark and white chocolate that was surrounded by a literal cloud made for an excellent end to an amazing meal.

It goes without saying that the food at the Gardenia Coffee Shop was simply amazing and if you’re someone who loves food you have to go there!

Have you been to the Gardenia Coffee Shop at Ramada yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – You HAVE to try their Mount of Lamb Poriyal


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