2020 Feb 7

Open Time:

7AM to 10PM


17, Palm Grove, Colombo 3


Kolpetty Junction

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Customisable smoothies delivered to your doorstep


Fuel is the latest addition to Colombo’s handful of fitness-based business. They currently operate on Uber Eats and PickMe Foods and were kind enough to drop off some yummy smoothies for us to sample! Here’s what we thought.



The drinks are served in reusable glass jars, keeping things eco- friendly. We were informed that these are best served ice cold but they hadn’t lost their cool by the time they got to us.All their smoothies contain bananas (for their high potassium and low sodium levels) and a healthy dose of protein powder.


Peanut Butter Berry Power (LKR 650)



The extremely thick texture is unexpected but proves to be extremely filling. A dominant flavour of peanut butter comes through with the aftertaste of banana, however, the overall flavour is not too sugary and hits the right balance of sweet and savoury. This is ideal for anyone hoping to bulk up due to its high protein content.


Non Dairy Fuel (LKR 650)



A strong whiff of strawberry was our first sensory experience of this smoothie. This one is less thicker and smoother than the rest. Mainly tasting like berries but with the aftertaste of bananas, this one has less crunch and would be ideal to satisfy those sweet cravings! This one was our favourite as it wasn’t as heavy as the others.


Chocolate Berry Boost (LKR 600)



This one was our least favourite because of its overbearing banana flavour and extremely thick textures. Despite it being named chocolate, there was no taste of it at all. This one leaves a fine powdery film on the tongue which we couldn’t quite figure out.


Fuel Original (LKR 600)



For anyone who is just looking into starting a liquid diet, this option might be best, thanks to its familiar flavour. The smoothie tasted like a fresh, thicker and healthier yoghurt drink that we used to have when we were kids. We liked this one better too because of its light, airy texture.

Overall, Fuel needs to work on the consistency of their drinks, as we felt that they were too thick. Since they also delivery-only, it would be best to take some precaution against the drinks cooling down by the time they arrive to the customer.