2019 Jul 1

Open Time:

3pm to 10pm


293, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia


At Street Rush, next to DFCC bank

Contact No



A mixology of fries!

FryDay, albeit new, has taken over the hearts of many food lovers in Colombo who have no problem making their way to Mount Lavinia for an interesting and delectable take on a crowd favourite: the fry. Residing at Street Rush, Mount’s up and coming food court, FryDay offers customers FryDogs, FryBergs and of course Fry Boxes, all complimented by yummy toppings of your choice!

Street Rush in itself is equipped with a kids play area, but our dining experience was not the greatest due to the flies who also seemed to love the food at FryDay. It could get quite warm in the afternoon although their fans do a pretty good job at keeping you comfortable, so do go in the evening for a better experience.



Roast Chicken Fry Box (Regular) – LKR 340

Picture this: crispy chicken cubes bathed in a flavoursome pulp generously coating a hefty portion of fries. The Roast Chicken Fry Box will make a satisfying snack to wipe off those mid-day blues. The combination of the crispy texture derived from the fries; along with the fiery taste of the Roast Chicken topping did wonders to our palates!


Butter Chicken Fry Box (Large) – LKR 380

There was an evident difference in terms of portion size between the Roast Chicken Fry Box and Butter Chicken Fry Box so FryDay gets points for that. This topping tasted exactly how you would expect a Butter Chicken topping to taste with a slight coriander flavour and numerous spices. However, as we made our way to the bottom, the portion lacked topping but the staff who are super interactive with customers were nice enough to top it up with more yummy butter chicken.


Sweet Chilli FryDog – LKR 380

The FryDog is not your regular hot dog. It is essentially a butter crumb sausage encapsulated by a fluffy toasted bun, with a handful of fries wedged under it, capped off with delicious topping. While the fries can become slightly soggy, there is still a little crisp to it which adds to the crunch of the butter crumb sausage. The Sweet Chilli topping is exactly what the name connotes. Super flavoursome and could possibly suit any palate.



Creamy Avo FryDog – LKR 380

Stop whatever you are doing right now and go try FryDay’s Creamy Avo topping! While we got it on a FryDog we hear the topping pairs better with a FryBurg. We absolutely loved this unconventional take on avocado, so, to all the avocado fans out there, order this topping on literally any FryDay delicacy and thank us later. 


Cheesy Locker FryBurg – LKR 540

The FryBurg, Fryday’s personal version of a burger, consists of a crumb-fried chicken patty along with a bunch of fries and your chosen topping, stuffed into warm toasted buns. Man, were we glad we chose the Cheesy Locker topping! Oodles and oodles of thick cheesy goodness coated the crumb fried chicken patty and held the entire FryBurg together. Definitely a must try!


Curry Fest FryBurg – LKR 480

For those who are not willing to experiment but still want to try FryDay’s menu while sticking to Sri Lankan flavours, their Curry Fest topping is for you. The succulent chicken patty deserves a special mention! However, we found the other toppings were well-matched with FryDay’s fast food fare, as opposed to this topping, but maybe try it with a FryDog instead for that optimal oomph factor.


FryDay also has the option where you can upgrade to a FryBurg or FryDog Meal which contains a drink (250ml of Coke or Sprite) and a regular portion of plain fries.


All in all, our entire meal cost LKR 2500 which is a super deal in comparison to other fast food joints. We were more than full and couldn’t finish most of it up as well, so you really do get a hefty meal worth every rupee.


We highly recommend the Creamy Avo and Cheesy Locker toppings!



Have you been to FryDay yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – They deliver through PickMe Food, and Uber Eats so to those in the Mount Lavinia area, start ordering!