Restaurant Reviews Frego Steakhouse

Frego Steakhouse

2018 Jan 10

Open Time:

12 noon - 11.55 p.m.


353, Galle Road, Colombo 03


The road after Walukarama road along the Galle Road, towards the landside


Colombo’s latest steakhouse addition!

Frego is a steakhouse and cafe that began operation just over a few weeks ago. As you enter, you see the space divided in two, a cozy nook embodies the cafe and a larger, dining area is the steakhouse. Not only does it boast being a haven for meat lovers, it also tingles the senses of an interior and furniture lover. They have a bright undertone of blue on the walls and the furniture, lighting and accessories with a ‘minimal and modern’ theme. The lighting especially caught my eye. They also have some adorable tables by small windows that are just perfect for a date.

The place was quite empty when we visited and that’s understandable as they just opened up. Once it is filled up with happy dinners, the puzzle will be complete. It’s an absolutely beautiful setting, one of its kind. The food too, amazing!


Frego Tropical – LKR 500


It was a sunny afternoon, I had walked a few blocks down Galle Road to Frego. I was an exhausted hot mess of sweat and I all I needed was something refreshing. I was on the lookout for a drink with maybe lime or something that’ll punch some energy in me. Alas I stumbled upon the first mocktail on the menu, the Frego Tropical which was a mix of mojito, triple sec syrups blended with lime, fresh pineapple and mango juice. This drink is incredibly sweet but very refreshing simultaneously. Either it was the drink or the glass, but I kept getting a smell/taste of cinnamon every time I had a sip.

Avonut Smoothie – LKR 520


If avocado smoothies tasted this good all the time, I’d have one every morning. This smoothie was a mix of chia seeds, cashew nut, avocado, coconut cream and honey. It was quite filling too.


Honey Mustard Chicken Wings – LKR 500


I’m just going to say it here, I have never had Chicken Wings in Sri Lanka which taste this great and are so filling. A huge bucket of wings, with at least 9 wings are served in a beautifully presented wooden plate with a dab of sauce. The wings are beautifully glazed in a thick honey and Dijon mustard sauce. The menu said that the wings are served with carrot sticks and celery, but ours didn’t have the accompaniments.


Lamb chops – LKR 3520 (w/ Apple Slaw and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms)


We decided to opt for the Lamb Chops from their “Frego Special Steaks” section in their menu. The waiter actually suggested that we try the lamb chops and we were glad we did. Firstly, this place must certainly get its due credits for presentation. Two glazed lamb chops were served with a bowl of creamy apple slaw and a side of our choice, sautéed wild mushrooms. The choice of sides ranges from mashed potatoes, herb roasted potatoes, lemon new potatoes, sautéed wild mushrooms and wild rice. The sautéed wild mushrooms though, stole our hearts. It was sautéed with some sort of creamy sauce that tasted absolutely incredible. The Lamb chops, as we requested, was made to well done. The meat was super succulent and fell off the bone. The juices were oozing out of the meat and the gravy paired with the meat was a treat. However, if the price and the size of the lamb chop is compared, we felt like the price was on the steeper end. But it’s Lamb, and prices for meat items are very difficult to be questioned and justified.

Angus Steak Strip Ello- LKR 790


This was a dish we picked from the cheaper end of the menu. They have a great variety of burgers, sandwiches, ellos, pastas, pizzas and rice ranging between LKR 400-2000 price points. The Angus Steak Strip Ello was also one the waiter recommended we try. It’s a perfectly cooked beef steak with tangy cabbage, cheese and wasabi mayo in pizza crust. This pizza crust wrap was however, incredibly soft and tasted almost like a kade parota roti, the softer ones. For LKR 790, this wrap was very filling and the meat “strips” inside were massive. The Steak Strip is one I would definitely recommend.

Have you been to Frego yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: The Honey Mustard are some “finger-licking-good” wings. Yummy and filling!


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