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2018 Aug 10

Open Time:

Monday to Saturday (Delivery: 11.00 am - 1.00 pm) (Pickup: 10.30 am to 2.30 pm)


Horton Place, 08 Arunachalam Ave, Colombo 00700


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Getting healthy food in Colombo used to be quite a challenge, but it’s getting easier by the day! Fit Meals is a healthy food joint that’s currently operating with a delivery and pickup system, and word is that they plan to open an outlet soon! They have a new weekly menu every week which they post on their Instagram page, so follow them on Instagram at Keep in mind that orders need to be placed a day prior before 6 pm.

That’s not all; they’ve also got meal plans! Their recommended weekly meal plans are LKR 10,000 from Monday to Saturday for three meals, while their daily plans have a wide range every week, with a monthly plan for LKR 36,000.

We decided to go healthy for the day and order all three meals they had available on the day. Their delivery system is on point, although our first disappointment was the lack of any cutlery to accompany the boxed meals. That aside, here’s how our experience went!


Chickpea Salad with Tuna and Egg – LKR 700

The chickpea salad was definitely a great alternative to the usual Lankan rice and curry. It was fresh and delicious, with a good amount of tune and egg. However, we did think the portions could have been larger and more worth the price. The mix of veggies in the salad was a plus point, with a healthy amount of capsicum and more.

Shredded Chicken Atta Wrap with Sautéed Chickpeas – LKR 700

Once again, our taste buds were delighted with this dish! The flavour of the filling in the chicken atta wrap was great, and the accompanying kadala, as us Lankans call it, was delicious too. However, we once more felt that the wrap could have been larger or more in number, and that there simply wasn’t enough filling. Perhaps one extra wrap in this dish would have made it a winner dish.

Peanut Butter Chicken Egg Rice with Veggies and Green Peas – LKR 600

The combinations in this dish were certainly unique, but worked well together. The accompaniment of peanut butter was refreshing and a nice change and the vegetables were just right. However, we did feel that the rice was too dry but the chicken was delicious and the addition of the peanut butter made up for it!

In conclusion, our experience with Fit Meals was a positive one. As far as healthy meals, go Fit Meals is delicious and perfect if you’re looking to ditch the oily Lankan rice and curry and go healthy. Their meal plans are a great option for switching to a long term healthy lifestyle, and although we believe the portion sizes could be improved, perhaps our bellies simply needed to accustom to a lighter diet! Nonetheless, the lack of cutlery was definitely a sore point with us and could certainly be improved upon.

Have you tried out Fit Meals yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


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