Fatty Patty

2019 Sep 13

Open Time:

11.30 AM - 10.30 PM


662 Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo 03


Roughly halfway down Galle Rd, next to MoMos by Ruvi

Contact No

011 7483 801


Flavourful food that’s worth every penny!



The name Fatty Patty evokes thoughts of sinful, diet destroying portions of sumptuous food and that is exactly what they do! While Sri Lanka has a plentiful array of fast food joints serving the regular burgers, hot dogs and french fries, Fatty Patty’s menu sports a whole range of American style diner foods, mixed in with local delights such as Pittu Babath which already sets this restaurant apart from the rest. In addition, the restaurant doubles as a little mini mart, with an entire wall dedicated to shelves of imported goods such as potato chips, chocolates, cereal bars, and so much more!




Fatty’s is a Halal establishment and doesn’t serve alcohol but while you’re there you can enjoy any one of their signature drinks or if you wish you can purchase a drink from their mini mart section which has a fridge full of drinks such as Starbucks Frappuccinos, Barbican, Rani and even Capri- Suns – basically all the yummy things we get to enjoy when we travel but can’t get at our local grocery store. 




Butter Beer – LKR 450

There’s no secret that Harry Potter is loved by many – some of us are still waiting on our Hogwarts letter. And what’s one of the most desired things from that universe (aside from being a wizard)? It’s the BUTTER BEER!!  The almost dessert like amber drink is incredibly rich and reminiscent of cream soda! It comes to you served cold and frothy, and looks fantastic – however it’s quite sweet, and thus felt more like a sweet treat than a drink to have with lunch.


Ice Cream Soda (Original) –  LKR 300

Another one of their signature drinks, this ice cream soda was a blend of soda and syrup with some creamy ice cream-esque froth set atop it. This ice cold fizzy luminous green drink was actually refreshing on a hot day and much more enjoyable than the Butter Beer. Again it was quite sweet (almost candy like) but had a mildly fruity taste which reminded me of nelli.



Signature Fries – LKR 300

Fried potatoes, the food of comfort – you really can’t go wrong with a good fry. They’re the perfect finger food; simple and satisfying. Fatty’s seasons their fries with a salt and herb blend, imparting just the right amount of saltiness and slight earthy flavour which sets their fries apart from others. 



Fatty’s does a little bit of everything – but the menu isn’t miles long , their focus is most definitely on big fast food style meals, that’ll leave you feeling guilty but undoubtedly happy.



Chicken Tikka Glam Burger – LKR 725

The most expensive of the items we ordered, this was a decently hefty burger that came with a side of fries. The meat inside actually tasted of chicken tikka and was plentiful – they really didn’t skimp on their filling. Mildly smoky tasting with that Indian spiced tandoori flavour, the meat was delectably nice and tender. The burger also came with fresh lettuce and onion to give the burger some freshness and balance. The bun encasing the tikka filling was fresh, soft and had an aesthetically pleasing smattering of sesame seeds on top. All in all it was hearty, filling, and flavourful. I personally would have loved it with a little more sauce but that’s a personal preference and doesn’t actually take away from the taste of the burger. 


Flaming’ Chicken Sub – LKR 500

When I say this sub is WORTH IT, I mean it’s WORTH every pretty penny, it was MASSIVE! We got a 12 inch sub stuffed with plenty of wonderfully spiced and roasted chicken chunks along with a side of fries. The meat though flavourful, wasn’t exactly ‘flaming’; in fact for the Sri Lankan palette this might be a touch on the mild side, however this reprieve from spice allows one to enjoy  the entire meal without pain or sniffling. Again, like the burger the sub had fresh lettuce and onion inside to provide some balance and freshness, and it all came in a soft sesame covered submarine loaf. The inside of the sub was drizzled with a yummy sauce that cut through the potential dryness of just having meat and bread – the sauce was a little sweet and tangy, and I definitely tasted a bit of mayo in there too! Thoroughly enjoyable and if you’re hungry this will certainly fill you up!


Chillie Dog – LKR 550

Described as a crowd favourite, this chillie dog was fantastic. The hot dog was nicely caramelized and came in half a submarine bun (maybe they don’t have hot dog buns yet?) and was covered with a delicious chillie – when I say chillie I’m referring to the ever famous American style meat /stew concoction, consisting of onions, garlic, tomato, beef (sometimes beans) and an assortment of herbs and spices. Having had my fair share of chillie covered dishes I may not be an expert but I definitely have strong opinions about how I like my chillie, and though it wasn’t very spicy, this chillie was slightly sweet, savoury and very well rounded.  The chillie was also a little dryer and less oily than your regular chillie – so it didn’t give me the expected heart burn we usually associate with this type of food.

All together the combo of the soft bun, juicy sausage, and flavourful chili was a winner for me.


Pittu Babath – LKR 450

One of the local delights offered here, the pittu was served hot and steamy and was accompanied by the babath curry, fresh milk and a fiery katta sambal – Now normally Pittu is served with coconut milk, but here they use fresh milk, and honestly I’m not complaining.


The pittu was warm, soft and chewy, and the babath wasn’t tough at all and was cleaned impeccably (my commendations to the chef for this). The curry that it came in was deep and rich in flavour. The entire experience was completed by adding a splash of the fresh milk and a small pinch of katta sambal to each mouthful, once again giving the meal another dimension. Honestly the only way to describe this dish was that it was warming – it felt like a hug.

*Pittu a well-loved Sri Lankan staple is made from steamed rice flour and Babath is tripe.


Peanut Butter Shot – LKR 55


Upon initial glance at this menu item, we were intrigued and obviously curiosity got the better of us. It turns out it’s a mini peanut butter cup! The peanut butter layer was topped with a thin layer of chocolate and had an almost cake-y mouth feel. It is very small though, acting as one of those, one shot sweets that can be devoured in a single bite, but at LKR 55 you could probably have as many as you like. I would have liked it more had it been refrigerated just so it was easier to peel out of the holder it was placed in, but it does its job to satiate a post lunch sweet craving.


The ambience at Fatty’s was very summery, bright, and floral with several walls decorated with faux grass and adorned with flowers. Their space isn’t too big, but there’s a fair amount of seating available (and plugs next to every table).   The down stairs is mostly taken up with the mini mart with about 2 tables for seating and a few chairs for those who are waiting to be seated or waiting for takeout. They do have an upstairs which is also air conditioned. Though not incredibly large, the space seems suited to hold around 20 – 24 people or a small party –  if you’re with a large crowd going upstairs would be ideal.

The establishment is family owned and without a doubt their customer service and rapport with anyone who walks through their doors is second to none. The owners take their time to get to know their customers, with friendly conversation. Their friendly attentiveness just elevates the whole experience and makes you eager to come back again!

Tip – definitely try their submarines, they’re MASSIVE and worth it, especially if you’re hungry


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