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EDO Japanese Restaurant

2019 May 13

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Colombo City Centre, 2nd Floor, 137, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 2


2nd Floor of CCC opposite Insoles

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Japanese with a view!

It’s been around 6 months since EDO opened its doors up to eager Japanese food lovers and entering the restaurant we saw what EDO had that other Japanese restaurants lacked: a spectacular view of the Beira Lake. We were greeted by their friendly and accommodating staff who were very much open to recommending some dishes.

They have two types of menus here, the usual book kind you find everywhere and a digitalised kind wherein you place your order on a tab including pictures of all the items. We were delighted to observe that our dishes looked super similar to the pictures on the menu, hence no disappointment there. Also, this made the ordering process super convenient.




Peach and Passion Fruit Mojito – LKR 920

One drawback at EDO is the steep prices, which is the case at most Japanese restaurants. However, the prices of EDOs’ drinks were incomparable to any other. There was no liquor included in any of the beverages, and as such there was none in this drink as well. So, as refreshing as it was, the flavours of peach, mint, lime and passion fruit did not justify the price.


EDO Crush – LKR 880

This was a yummy concoction of fresh mint, raspberry, sprite and lime. Yet again, despite the addition of raspberries into the mixture, the price seemed quite unreasonable for a drink. However, it must be noted that both beverages made great accompaniments for Japanese cuisine and lasted our entire meal.  




Classic Miso Soup – LKR 480

Steaming and fragrant, our Classic Miso Soup was delectable. The warm and soft tofu along with the aromatic goodness made this soup a wholesome dish, perfect for when you are under the weather.




Creamy Rock Shrimp – LKR 1100

This dish, which contained rock shrimp; a species known to have a texture similar to lobster, truly delivered. The bite-size shrimp were bathed in a sweet, sour and spicy cream which did wonders to our accustomed Sri Lankan palates. It was like an explosion of flavours in your mouth and we highly recommend this dish!


Ebi Tempura (6pcs) – LKR 1200

The Ebi Tempura which is essentially deep-fried prawns came with a side of Tempura sauce. We found that the batter was not seasoned enough rendering the prawns flavourless. However, the Tempura sauce was stellar so be sure to dip those crispy prawns into the flavoursome sauce to give this dish that kick it craves.


Gyoza Salmon (6pcs) – LKR 980

We had high expectations for these handmade salmon dumplings as they were recommended by their well-versed staff, but we were let down as there was lack of stuffing of especially salmon, a key ingredient and we had to really slather our dumplings in soy sauce to add some flavour. This wasn’t too appetising as a starter.




Wagyu Tobanyaki – LKR 3850

From the Hot Kitchen section off their menu, we ordered the Wagyu Tobanyaki and were beyond satisfied. Cubed wagyu and plenty of button mushrooms arrived at our table sizzling and piping hot. We loved every aspect of this dish and for this price you get 130g of beef which is a pretty good deal considering how expensive wagyu is.  This dish was executed so well and is definitely a must try!


Grilled Salmon – LKR 3400

This beautifully grilled fillet of salmon weighing 200g tasted exquisite. Also off their Hot Kitchen section, the salmon was grilled to perfection with a crusty skin and soft and succulent flesh. Accompanying the dish was a sansho tomato caper sauce which complemented the salmon very well in terms of flavour and texture.


EDO Sushi Sampler (16pcs) – LKR 3670

This would be the ideal platter for a person trying out Japanese cuisine for the first time. Consisting of an assortment of sushi containing tuna, albacore, yellowtail, salmon, red snapper, shrimp, crab stick, masago, freshwater eel and egg, served with 8 California sushi rolls, clearly this dish had so much going on and was the ultimate Japanese treat. Our favourites from this platter include the masago, red snapper, shrimp, crab stick and the California sushi rolls.


Volcano Maki (8pcs) – LKR 2100

Another recommendation by their staff, the Volcano Maki did not disappoint! Possibly the winning sushi dish we tasted and full of flavour! This dish included tempura shrimp, spicy kani kama mix which evidently added the flavour, and cucumber. The presentation connoted the dish’s name fittingly and this was one of the more affordable options off their menu.  




Warm Banana Crepe – LKR 950

This dessert was so filling so make sure you leave room during the rest of your meal to tackle this monster of a dessert. Wrapped in a warm crepe were caramelised banana and ice cream topped off with blueberries, a drizzle of chocolate and oodles of whipped cream. This is a go-to dessert for any banana lover and will not let you down! The only downside here was the melted ice cream, but we decided to overlook that because the crepe was very warm and other than for this mishap the presentation was lovely!


Double Chocolate Lava Cake – LKR 780

Chocolate for days! This molten chocolate lava cake was also warm, garnished with salted caramel and crème anglaise, served with vanilla ice cream. While we commend EDO’s effort in putting forth a rich dessert, both the crème anglaise and vanilla ice cream (which also had melted by the way) was a bit much. One of the two ingredients would have been perfectly adequate in delivering the exact same experience, minus the melted ice cream. Nevertheless, this too is a must try!

Conveniently located at CCC, we highly recommend EDO for companies looking to treat Japanese business clientele. The setting with ample seating, delicious food and the amazing view will definitely combine to offer an enjoyable meal.

Have you been to EDO yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip – Request the tab to place your order to make your ordering process easy and expedient.