Crystal Jade

2019 Nov 23

Open Time:

11am - 10pm


1A, Centre Road, Galle Face Mall, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka


6th floor of One Galle Face Mall


Comforting cuisine with a sophisticated touch!

One Galle Face Mall is the talk of the town attracting amazing brands to Colombo and Crystal Jade is the newest addition to the City’s culinary line-up. The Michelin Star awarded restaurant specialises in authentic Chinese cuisine and provides a dining experience which is both sophisticated and intimate.

Walking into the restaurant we were greeted by a rather vast interior space oozing class. The warm salmon decoration with copper embellishments, the professional service and the amazing food makes for one memorable experience.




Virgin Lemonade – LKR 500

This is everything you expect from a Mojito and this was honestly one of my favourite parts of the meal. The drink packed an intense flavour with the mint and citrus being a perfect mix. My favourite part about this was the fact that it was not too sweet which made it all the more refreshing.


Classic Shirley Temple – LKR 500

A Shirley Temple is a simple drink but done well it can be amazing. Although this was not the best I’ve had it was decent enough and if you’re into something subtle to accompany your meal I recommend you order this.


Cranberry Cooler – LKR 500

Cranberry is one of my personal favourites. The drink was rather intense with its sweet and fruity flavour but it lacked the edge that we all expect from cranberries.




Steamed Black and White Shrimp Dumplings – LKR 900

Who doesn’t love a good dumpling? For starters, the dish looked amazing with the contrast of colours and fish roe adding a pop of colour. When it came to eating it every bite was amazingly satisfying. From the chewy casing to the hearty and flavourful filling everything about this dish was perfect. This was the perfect starter to the meal and looking back was a fitting prelude to the intensity that was to come.




Fortune 5 Crispy Chicken – LKR 1400

Chicken is something that everyone loves and the relative simplicity of the meat doesn’t give much space to hide when it comes to covering up. This chicken was one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever had and there was so much flavour and complexity in it. The meat was seasoned well and was cooked to perfection with it falling off the bone. The array of sauces that came with the chicken took the dish to a whole new level making it all the more interesting.


Sautéed Sri Lankan Crab with Singapore Chili Sauce – LKR 1300

Crab is not the easiest thing to eat but the flavour it packs is worth the hassle so when we were served this gigantic portion of crab we knew we were in for a task. Although there was a massive crab on our plate, the real star of this dish was the Singapore Chili Sauce. There was a huge portion of it (unlike any sauce portion I’ve seen before) and was so satisfying. The rich sweet and sour flavour profile went perfectly with the crab.


Fried Rice with Black Bean Dace Fish and Egg White – LKR 1500

This dish was a statement! It came in an impressive stone bowl and the contrast of colours made it something to look at.  In terms of flavour, there was a lot of it and the deep essence of the sea was a big part of what made this dish special. The vegetables, fish and the fried bits of rice made for an interesting and pleasant mouthfeel. Although the flavour was unlike anything I’ve had before this is a dish I will go back to.


Fried Rice with diced Shrimp and BBQ Pork – LKR 1100

We all know the classic Chinese fried rice and are familiar with the flavours that make it special. This fried rice was absolute perfection.  The shrimp and the pork complemented each other perfectly and although this was one of the more simple dishes it delivered exceptionally well in terms of satisfaction.




Chilled Pumpkin Puree Topped with Ice Cream – LKR 500

Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin so I was somewhat iffy about the dessert. I can still remember the first bite I had of it two days after our review and it was GLORIOUS! There was a subtle savoury undertone to cut through the sweetness and there was an almost cheesecake-like flavour to it. Honestly, this was one of the most memorable desserts I’ve had in a long time.


Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera – LKR 500

Lemongrass has a distinct citrus flavour that we mostly associate with savoury dishes but it worked out perfectly in this dessert. The dish was quite simple with the lemongrass jelly and aloe Vera being the two main components but the strawberry also added an extra dimension of flavour. The aloe was also able to add some variation in texture which took the dish to a whole new level.

Crystal Jade is bringing a whole new culinary experience to Colombo with their authentic Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. They even have sake on their menu and we’re excited to indulge in it the next time we drop by. Whether you want to treat your friends for a nice meal, have something special after a shopping trip or want to impress a potential client Crystal Jade’s signature service and food will surely make for a meal that you will enjoy.

Tip – The Fortune 5 Crispy Chicken is amazing and so are their desserts.


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