2019 Oct 29

Open Time:

1 pm - 10 pm


20 Station Rd, Colombo 00400


Contact No

072 769 6352

With a range of creamsicles and popsicle ranging from refreshing tart sorbets to our old-time classics and a few new concoctions, Cremalato is quite the innovative venture. Available on Uber Eats where it’s delivered in individual wrappers and surprisingly intact, we definitely wished we ordered some more. Here’s what we thought!


Box of 10 – LKR 1485

Caramel Fig

With its signature creamy texture, this flavour comes as a delightful surprise to a newcomer. The balanced flavour sits well on the palette and the soft chewy caramel bits, generously compliment this unique combo



Nothing beats good ol’ chocolate. This mousse-like textured creamsicle is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Staying true to its consistency, the chocolate is one to be eaten quickly as it comes undone in seconds and can get messy.


Smooth and silky in texture, with a great sweet to nutty ratio. Although this flavour doesn’t stand out from the range, it still sits well. This creamsicle still doesn’t disappoint!


Rocky Road

With so many textures going on in this fun-sized creamsicle, they got this right! Hits all taste buds from the smooth chocolate ice cream, chewiness from the marshmallow to the nutty bits of hazelnut. This is an all-time favourite.

French Vanilla

Classic flavours never go out of style! In a time where there are so many flavours to choose from, it’s nice to be simply vanilla. A well-balanced sweetness and tinge of french vanilla that laces the taste buds.


Italian Coffee

For ALL coffee lovers, this is one to look out for! With an intense burst of coffee at first taste and creamy texture, we’ve got ourselves a cappuccino creamsicle. What makes this flavour a unanimous favourite is its ground coffee beans and authentic flavour notes to that of a cup of coffee!


Mango & Passionfruit

Sweet and tart, this sorbet is all you’d expect the tropics to deliver. A hybrid of a creamsicle and a popsicle in texture, the sweetness of the mango followed by the last kick of tang is the most refreshing experience.


Subtle and so well balanced in flavour! The creamy ice cream has a sweet aftertaste on the taste buds. To an acquired taste, but a definite must-try at least once!


Narang & Mint

Welcome on ANY day in Colombo, this sorbet is the ultimate refresher! The cooling and tart concoction is definitely another crowd-pleaser. Even though this is not as sweet as the rest of the flavours, the lack of sweetness is what we loved about it.


Wild Berries

All berry lovers simply shouldn’t miss this special choice. Smooth and creamy on the first bite, the burst of flavours from the berries is a happy welcome! This creamsicle is a good way to go for any avid berry lover.