2020 Jan 3

Open Time:

Sunday to Thursday 5PM - 12PM, Friday to Saturday 5PM - 2AM


115, Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, 00200


Located at Cinnamon Lakeside

Contact No

0112 491 000


Fancy cocktails with a killer view

ColomBar, located at Cinnamon Lakeside, is now open to the public, serving an eclectic selection of cocktails and food.  So on a warm afternoon, we found ourselves in a modern, edgy bar with a breathtaking view of the Beira Lake. The outdoor seating area comfortably seats around 80, with more seating available indoors. 





Lantharuma (LKR 1,200)


All of ColomBar’s drinks are influenced by traditional Sri Lankan flavours. Made with Ceylon Arrack, achcharu distillate, ginger and tamarind, this was one of the more stronger cocktails we ordered. A good part of ColomBar’s charm comes from its quirky presentation. This cocktail was served to us in an actual lamp that lit up! The drink was strong, and stayed refreshingly cool for while, despite being over a light. The sweet flavour mixed with the sharp tang of alcohol makes it a punchy one, vaguely reminiscent of siyambala toffee. 


Mr Taylor (LKR 990)


By far my favourite! Named after James Taylor, a British citizen who introduced tea plantation to Sri Lanka, this drink was delightfully fizzy with a dominant melon flavour and a faint aftertaste of jasmine tea. This one is best enjoyed chilled on a warm summer evening. 


Tikak Pepsith Wage (LKR 990)


A delightful mix of Pepsi, Ginger Ale and Rockland Rum with a kick of cumin spice. The taste of the rum is barely noticeable which makes it easy to drink, but this is one of those cocktails that hit you many minutes later so be cautious!


Yaal Panam (LKR 990)


Better suited to those with strong taste buds and stronger stomachs. This drink was served to us in a small ceramic teapot and tastes like a trip to Jaffna. With its explosion of flavour and sharp kick of spices, this drink appeals to a more sophisticated palette. 



Padikkama (LKR 990) 



Served in an actual “Padikkama” this drink is served over crushed ice using the bar’s own in-house saaravita mix. Refreshing and light, you cannot figure out what it tastes like at first, although the flavour is a familiar one. 






Spiced Potato Fries (LKR 350)


Perfectly prepared with a generous coating of spices, these fries were light and crispy. For LKR 350, you get a satisfactory helping and is well worth the price. 


Ceylon Mixed Grilled (LKR 1800)


The only downside to an otherwise satisfactory experience. I had an expectation of a much generous portion and was quite surprised when it arrived. A mix of lamb cutlet, peppered beef mignon, honey BBQ chicken, fish steak, calamari and prawns, the other problem with this  dish was its lack of flavour. With Sri Lankan cuisine being famous for its use of various spices, the only real flavour came from the spicy tomato relish it was served with. 




Coconut Creme Brulee (LKR 450)


Top marks for presentation. The desert is served in a coconut placed in a slightly larger clay pot which makes digging into it difficult as it kept rolling around. The desert was pretty much a standard Creme Brulee, not overly sweet with a hint of coconut. 




The bar is located to the left side of the pool with a nice breeze coming in from the lake. Despite us walking in nearly 45 mins past its opening time, we were greeted with a sight of staff still clearing up the space with a mound of cardboard boxes. Service proved to be slow with us having to wait a considerable amount of time to attract a waiters attention. We were not provided with stirrers (They do not utilise plastic straws or stirrers to reduce plastic consumption) and had to walk up to the bar to be provided with two paper straws instead. However, when inquiring about the drinks, staff were helpful in helping us select and with their recommendations. With a bit of polishing up, this bar could easily become one of Colombo’s hotspots. 

Tip – Their kitchen only opens after 5.30 PM so time your arrival accordingly if you are hungry.