Coffee Rooms

2019 Mar 27

Open Time:

10 am to 10 pm


548, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya


Adjoining Vision Care (next to Dominos)

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A family-friendly café catering to all your needs!

Coffee Rooms offers a variety of dishes on their menu but what truly sets them apart from all the other cafes out there is their concept. They have incorporated two meeting rooms into their premises, hence the name, and they also have a kids’ play area guaranteed to keep the kids occupied with comfy chairs and sturdy tables right next to the safe play area to make sure the parents are at ease and can get some work done in the process.
The space is of two floors with the play area and meetings rooms on the top floor and the dining area on the bottom floor. However, Coffee Rooms does not only cater to families. They also have a BYOB option with no corkage fee charged.


Belgian Hot Chocolate – LKR 490

This was our winner from the hot beverages. It tasted really good and the flavour of chocolate was rich and very prominent. This warm cup of chocolaty goodness is perfect for a cold day. We were really glad that the grated chocolate on top was not bitter and instead gave the beverage that extra oomph, definitely kicking this drink up a notch.

Peaches and Cream (Hot) – LKR 500

The Peaches and Cream was the most unique beverage we had in terms of flavour. There was a strong yet pleasant overtone of peach and a generous dollop of whipped cream. If you are a fan of peaches, like we are, you should definitely try Coffee Rooms’ take on this beverage. Our only tip is to maybe get the iced version of it for a more satisfying drink.

Americano (Iced) – LKR 350

This drink was reasonably bitter as any good Americano would be. However, to fit our palates we added some sugar and we were good to go. It was a tall glass with a double shot of espresso making it totally worth your buck! Kick back one of these and get some work done at their inviting café.

Hazelnut Frappe – LKR 550

This drink was our winner from the cold beverages. SO GOOD! Absolutely no complaints here and easily the best Hazelnut Frappe we’ve had in Colombo. We got whipped cream added on which really gave this beverage an edge over the others. The hazelnut flavour was just right and we simply loved this drink!

Strawberry Milkshake – LKR 250

For LKR 250 this drink was definitely worth the price because the strawberry to milk ratio was evenly balanced. It was super creamy and was reminiscent of cotton candy, making it worth the mention on your list of feel good beverages.

Orange Juice – LKR 300

The only drink which did not live up to our expectations is the Orange Juice. While the beverage looked minimal, which we appreciated, it was heavily watered down. Sugar was added and it was indeed a fresh juice but if the elements were evenly balanced, this drink could have been so much more.


Cream of Mushroom – LKR 370

The taste of mushroom was unfortunately not prominent because a lot of garlic was added into it which overpowered the soup completely. There was also too much salt added, but what saved the dish was the generous sprinkling of parsley with aided in cutting off the salty taste. Also, the menu promised two slices of toasted bread which we would have loved to dip in, but the soup arrived without it, which was quite disappointing.

Cheesy Garlic Bread – LKR 450

One of their fast moving dishes, this had to be the best appetizer we ordered. There was a faint taste of garlic but we are not complaining because the bread was absolutely crispy and there was a lavish coating of mozzarella on the bread which totally made up for the lack of garlic flavour.

BBQ Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce – LKR 480

Worth the price! They had marinated the wings with the skin on and fried to perfection. The hot sauce was the highlight as it was hot indeed making this dish flavoursome. The chicken was cooked well but as with all wings, things could get messy!

Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 650

This was an interesting appetizer as this was not the hot butter cuttlefish we were expecting. It was different to the cuttlefish we Sri Lankans are used to and was more devilled than batter fried. It was satisfyingly spicy due to the hot sauce (same as the wings) and was a refreshing take on cuttlefish.


Eggs Benedict – LKR 650

We had two main problems with this dish: firstly, the eggs were more boiled than poached and not at all runny; and secondly, what were supposed to be English muffins, as in any good Eggs Benedict, were two slices of bread. However, the other aspects to this dish were quite alright, especially the chicken sausages which were charred to perfection exuding a pleasant smoky taste. They also provided marmalade, strawberry jam, butter, chicken ham and tomatoes so considering the amount of elements plated, the price is value for money albeit there is space for improvement.

Club Panini – LKR 650

Unfortunately, our Panini arrived at our table looking more like a sandwich than a Panini. The bread was hardly toasted, and the sauce which was supposed to embed all the elements of the Panini together failed at this. Rather, it made the veggies and ham soggy. However, we believe this was an off day for sure since it is one of their best sellers.

Chicken Burger with Cheese – LKR 650

This was the clear winner from our mains! We loved every element of this dish. The onions and lettuce were fresh. The patty was succulent and held the burger together beautifully! The cheese definitely kicked this burger up a notch making this a MUST TRY dish off their menu.

Crumb Fried Chicken and Fries – LKR 650

This dish was executed quite well. The batter was seasoned well with the two elements of lime and salt balancing each other out. The chicken was fried very well till light golden brown. The accompaniment of coleslaw was a pleasant surprise and there was also a super generous portion of fries. The dish looked a little naked though, and they can up their game presentation wise but the basic components were aced.

Seafood Nasi Goreng – LKR 850

The rice was cooked very well. We loved how the grains were not too soft but at the same time mixed well with the other elements of this dish. They were not stingy with the seafood and who doesn’t love plenty of cubed fish, cuttlefish and shrimp in their Nasi Goreng? The egg was runny and the prawn crackers added that extra crunch.


Chocolate Mousse – LKR 250

We had to get their Chocolate Mousse because the other two desserts were unavailable. This was quite mediocre unfortunately and tasted too frozen diminishing the taste of chocolate. It fell short of expectations but the cut up strawberries was the silver lining.

Service at Coffee Rooms was excellent, with a steady flow of dishes with barely any wait time at all. The staff are fluent with the menu and very efficient. Their drinks were the highlight of our meal and we cannot wait to go back for more!

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Tip – Take your kids and let them have a ball at the play area.