Restaurant Reviews Cloud Cafe at the Colombo Courtyard

Cloud Cafe at the Colombo Courtyard

2017 Aug 14

Open Time:

5:30 p.m – 12 a.m (Weekdays) and 1 a.m (Weekends)


32, Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 03


Passing Queen's Road

A bar under the stars

The rooftop bar scene in Colombo is spreading like wildfire. The Cloud Café constructed by the Courtyard makes a classy combination with the Loft Bar, together serving delectable finger foods along with filling meals derived from the international cuisine.



Creamy Banana – Rs. 1100

This was very boozy and very creamy. Phew! Comprising of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Amaretto, in terms of booze, my, was this strong. Amaretto is essentially Italian liquor with a predominant almond flavor. This was completely underwhelmed by the fresh banana so no complaints if you’re a banana lover!



Hot Butter Cuttlefish – Rs. 700 

Strangely, the cuttlefish was described as batter-fried calamari in the menu, but I’m sure we were just fried cuttlefish. Having said that, it was quite salty, very crunchy and thus, a tasty snack. The salt stopped hitting you as you dug into it so it wasn’t too big an issue. The melted butter and green onions were obviously used in generous doses, and we’re not complaining.


Four Cheese Pizza – Rs. 1300

These pizzas are always difficult to pull off since most restaurants don’t end up balancing the flavours of the cheese. However, this was not the case with Courtyard. This might have been the most well-balanced, thereby the yummiest four cheese pizza I have ever had! With just the right amount of blue cheese, it wasn’t too bitter and nor was it too plain. The tomato, mozzarella, gouda and feta cheese were also evident in the generous topping. Well worth the buck.


Courtyard Special Pizza – Rs. 1300

With roasted chicken, bacon, fresh mushroom and mozzarella cheese, this was an absolute steal for Rs. 1300! Each and every ingredient was generously spread across the pizza, with the mushroom giving it a richer taste and the mozzarella melting in your mouth. This would suffice for two relatively hungry people, though…


Cheese Nachos – Rs. 900

Unfortunately, the nachos weren’t very cheesy. In fact, there was hardly any cheese at all, though we did discover sad bits of stringy cheese towards the bottom. This is an understandable dilemma, because you have to melt the cheese without softening the nachos so most restaurants do the former separately and then dole it onto the nachos. There’s definitely room for improvement; the little guacamole and tomato salsa that was present was rather yummy.


Mini Beef Steak – Rs. 1500

This steak was tender, well-cooked, hit the brief by being perfectly medium-rare and thus very delicious. The garlic-butter sauce was evident on the beef and the mashed potatoes, made a very filling meal.


Chicken Burger

This was your typical bar meal, a hefty portion to balance out your night-time drinking (or day-time, we aren’t judging :P). The chicken patty was thick and well seasoned and was complimented by the well-toasted buns and tomatoes.


The quality of most of their dishes was of a high standard. The ingredients they used were efficiently done so and were evidently fresh. The waiter who was serving us did have a bit of an issue deciphering the difference between room temperature and boiling hot water but he got there eventually with a bit of a stern eye from his superiors.

It’s a rooftop bar so what more can I say? If you want a chilled out evening under the stars (if you can spot them), with a fresh breeze coming through and the night-sky cloaking everyone else around you, I can recommend no better place.

Tip: Have their pizzas!




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