Cimply Yummy

2019 Jun 19

Open Time:

7:30am - 12:00am


No. 727/1, Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte


200m from the Archaeological Museum in Kotte

Contact No



A restaurant true to its name!

When we were told of bacon and cheese kottu we know we had to go and check it out so there we were one afternoon on our way to Kotte. The location itself is nothing special as it’s a standard kottu shop. It’s quite clean and tidy, but the plastic chairs and the bare tables didn’t scream a dining experience. That being said we went there for the food so we were not expecting much.

The service was quite pleasant and the person up front was super helpful. Although the food took some time to get to us everything was served at once so we were happy at the end. There was quite a big variety in the menu but not everything was available but this could be because they are relatively new and still in the process of getting things in order. 




Cream of Chicken Soup – LKR 400

The first thing I noticed about this was the fact that the portion was enormous! This is not something you would be able to finish alone. The soup itself was pure savoury goodness and even though some complained that it had too much salt I for one loved it. I was thankful that they didn’t skimp on the chicken but the broth could have been creamier and had more body.




Bacon and Cheese Kottu – LKR 650

This was what we came for and it was everything we hoped for! The portion wasn’t too big but it was so rich that I couldn’t have finished it if it was any bigger. The dish was bursting with flavour and although at times it could have been overwhelming I loved it. If there was one complaint I had it would be that a piece of Happy Cow Cheese on the side doesn’t make it a cheese kottu. 


Chicken Noodles – LKR 450

Even though this was something we ordered as an afterthought the chicken noodles might have been the best dish that we ordered. It was a delicate balance of sweet, savoury,  and spicy that we all enjoyed. The thin ribbons of carrots mixed with the noodles and the chicken made for a pleasurable mouthfeel and this is something I would most definitely by again.


Chicken Fried Rice – LKR 450

A chicken fried rice is a staple for any food shop so this is something we had to check out. It looked stunning with all the colours and its huge size but it did not deliver in flavour. Compared to the other dishes that were bursting with flavour, the fried rice was quite underwhelming and it’s best that you try out their other options.


Cimply Yummy is a charming little food establishment that offers a wide range of most awesome food. Although it might not be the best dine-in experience, if you want to take-out or order-in ( they are on Uber eats) I highly recommend them.

Tip – They have a lot of bacon options!


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