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Caramel Pumpkin

2018 Feb 2

Open Time:

7 am - 12 am (Midnight)


38, Ward Place, Colombo 07


right at the junction where Ward Place and Wijerama Mawatha meet

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A quirky café in the heart of the city! 

Caramel Pumpkin is Colombo’s newest eatery and the embodiment of the word “quirky” because everything – from its name to décor to hilarious pun-filled menu has got us raising our eyebrows – and not in a bad way either! The person who came up with their menu is absolute genius because as you can see, it is the single most awesome list of options to grace the face of this earth. Okay, I’m done raving, now down to business.


The place has a wide variety of sugary drinks from frappes to lattes and even lots of “not coffee” options so you can just settle for what peaks your interest the most and hope for the best – like we did.

My girlfriend’s girlfriend (Rs. 650)


This delicious concoction is pure melted Belgian chocolate in a mug. It comes in quite a large portion and is ideal to have as a dessert or on a rainy day – it doesn’t even need sugar because it is hot, rich and absolutely gorgeous (much like a Victoria Secret model), which is probably where it got its name from. Sneaky.

Like a Boss (Rs. 650)


There was nothing we knew about this drink before we ordered it except that it came cold. Like a Boss claims to be a secret recipe and we opted for it out of sheer curiosity. The drink came in a large mason jar, topped off with lots of whipped cream and tasted quite rich but also very delicious. It took some time to pinpoint the exact flavors because there was so much going on but when we realized it was the embodiment of caramel pumpkin, we had a good laugh. Vanilla, caramel and spices, this one was the real ticket to the Caramel Pumpkin show.


Their food ranges from burgers to quesadillas to Swedish so there really is something here for everyone.Their portions are also pretty big and worth the buck.

Better Than Kayefcee (Rs. 580)


We’re not sure if these guys would be able to keep this on their menu much longer but holy hell, these chicken tenders were crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside and actually better than most chicken franchises in Colombo. It was served with a chilli mayo and sprinkled with lots of spice and sure was finger lickin’ good (oops).


Kotthullar (that’s Swedish, mate) (Rs. 960)


This was the first time in Sri Lanka that I’ve seen a dish off an IKEA menu so I was excited for it, and boy did they serve. The home-made Swedish meatballs came in the beef variety and were chunky and doused in a creamy white sauce. It was served with buttered rice that had little pieces of capsicum in it and the dish overall was quite delicious and filling.

I’m chicken, no Beef here (Rs. 760)


Playing off of the wording for their beef burger (You Got Beef With Me?), the chicken burger comes witha succulent chicken patty,lettuce, onion, tomato and oodles of cheese served with thick cut fries. The burger was good, well-seasoned and pulled together well but what I really want to write about are those fries. Mm-mm. They were more like thin cut potato wedges, golden, crispy and even to my uber-full tummy, worth every calorie.

Mamma Mia – Make your own pasta! (Roast Chicken Rs. 750)


The cool thing here is that you can cater to your every carb fantasy by customizing your pasta or your sandwich. With the pasta option, you get to choose a pasta, pick a sauce, pick a protein and pick a topping. We went for penne, pesto, roast chicken and sun dried tomatoes (real win!) and initially digging into the dish was absolute heaven. The pesto was beautiful and the tomatoes gave a much needed punch. There was also lots of parmesan and it was great. But as all great things go, by the time we got to the bottom of the dish, we realized out pasta was drowning in olive oil. I wanted to love this dish, I really did, but by the end of it I was kinda grossed out actually. The pieces of chicken were also shredded and very much lost in the mess. Maybe tell them to hold back on the oil when you order yours.


The artsy and much raved about Isle of Gelato from Galle also makes an appearance at the Caramel Pumpkin premises and though we were stuffed to the brim already, we really needed to give the gelato a go. Their small portions go for Rs. 400 a cup for one flavor and large portions can go to Rs. 850 per cup for 1 – 3 flavours and they have some pretty unique options like Buffalo Lemon Curd, Puttalam Sea Salt and Caramel and Watermelon and Mint!

Pina Colada Gelato (Rs. 400)

Their gelato didn’t seem to be stored properly on first glance because the cream based ones were pretty much liquid but the flavor of the Pina Colada we ordered wasn’t compromised. It was fresh and light with the pineapple and coconut flavors playing great on the tongue. For Rs. 400, the portion wasn’t as big as we hoped it would be but we’re definitely loving the innovative flavors and going back to try more on payday.


The premises is cute and has lots of Instagrammable décor (especially those salt and pepper shakers) and wall murals.

The staff is helpful and extra friendly and when you walk in, each and every waiter makes sure to greet you with a loud “Hi ma’am!” – I loved it. They’re still new so they’re obviously still working out a few things (like how I had to wait around 15 minutes to order and pay for my gelato) but all if forgivable when they have such an amazing playlist blasting through their speakers.

Tip: save some room for their unique gelatos!


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